Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nursing Link-Up: The Dress Code

I am so excited to be linking up for the first time with Renee and Anna for their monthly nurse link-up!  I have wanted to join them for the past two link-ups but haven't got a chance to sit down and get the post out - so glad to be joining them now!

The month's theme is:
The Dress Code,
focusing not just on clothes but all the little things nurses have hanging on them daily - srubs, stethoscopes, tools, and whatnot!

Here are some of my favorite nurse-y things!

My Stethoscope and Stethoscope Tag

My stethoscope is a fabulous Littmann, the king of stethoscopes if you ask me, and it was a nursing school graduation gift from my Handsome Husband.  The tag was a Christmas gift from MIL Red, and I adore it!  It is so stinking cute and doctors and patients alike are always commenting on it!  (It is from Etsy - you can view the seller's shop HERE.)

My ID Badge Necklace

I feel like such a dork wearing a name tag.  Every single time.  Except when I wear this adorable necklace with my ID badge on it.  It was a gift from Gardening Mom, and I literally wear it every single day!  It is cute, and makes you completely forget you're wearing a dorky name badge!  (It is from Brighton, and you can find it HERE.)

All-time Most Flaterring Scrubs

I promise you, this is not what I look like in regular clothes.  Add about another 15 pounds to this image is more like it.  These scrubs?  They are magic.  They make you look hot...in scrubs...not an easy feat.  (They are NrG by Barco, and you can find the top HERE and the pants HERE.)

Sorry for those of you readers who are not in the medical field and found this post a total snoozefest, but I can't wait to check out some more nurse blogs!

Over and Out.


Jessica said...

I need to look for those scrubs next time I go out scrub shopping!!! I just love this link up!!!

misty venne said...

well, YES those scrubs are certainly flattering!!!
i MUST bookmark this page for the day i am able to wear scrubs over my super duper awesome {not really...} nursing school uniform.
i'm always looking for nursing blogs, and luckily have just been finding them lately!
it's good to know what i'll be getting myself in to :)
i never said "i want to be a nurse!!!" when i was as kid...

Ashley + Christian said...

i haven't decided if i miss wearing scrubs or not. my day job as a childbirth educator is a casual affair (i'm very fancy, i make sure to pick the jeans with no holes in them and no flip flops). and for midwifery school i'm only doing ambulatory this semester so it's all business casual. i definitely miss the no-brainer-ness of scrubs buts some days i like the variety. :)

Renee said...

You have the cutest stuff!! The badge holder and stethoscope tag! So freaking cute!! Thanks for linking up!

Anna said...

that tag is the most perfect nursing gift! love it. :) I have a NrG top that I love as well, Barco in general is usually a good choice.
I loved reading your post!

E said...

Love it!
I can't wait to wear scrubs again! Weird? I like 'em and I just want to be working already!

Rima said...

love the stethoscope name badge. man, i miss using a stethoscope. looks like i need to moonlight often in the ER!


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