Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Somebody Has Been Slacking

It's been three months since I published a monthly recap - don't know what the heck is wrong with me!  This is going to be long, but full of lots of pictures - enjoy a recap of the last three months of my life!
In May...
We had a long overdue meeting of the Taco Tuesday Club, and got to spend some time with Cute Apartment's new (at the time) beau!

I had jury duty for the first-ever time in my life...I haven't been missing out on anything exciting.

We watched Sister Singer sing her little heart out in her last high school musical.

Handsome Husband and I were joined for breakfast by Mr. Defense and some of his family.  His sister-in-law and mother own the most fantastic baking company, Sweet Offerings, and she was sweet enough to bring us the cutest cake pops:

If you're in the Orange County area, be sure to check out their Facebook page!

We took our mommas out to brunch, which was followed by a wonderful potluck at Grandma Beach Bum's house for dinner.

This happy couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary:

Aunt and Uncle Reno

I bit the bullet and did what I said I'd do for years, and chopped my hair!

I helped my little sisters get all dolled up for their very last high school dance, Prom 2012.

On left: Sister Swimmer and her boyfriend, BF YOLO
and right: Sister Singer posing outside the exclusive Club 33 in Disneyland

Sister Swimmer was honored for all her hard work and her humanitarian trip (with Gardening Mom!) to Haiti, when she received her Girl Scout Gold Award.

SS and her BF YOYO after her award ceremony

We spent Memorial Day Weekend soaking up the sun in Palm Springs with some of our very best friends.

In June...

Sister Singer did her thing for almost the last time on her high school stage, at her last choir Spotlight concert.

Sisters Singer and Swimmer turned the BIG 1-8, and to celebrate their newly legally-granted freedom, the fam went to lunch in Downtown Disney.

We celebrated the college graduation of one Husband's dearest friends, Mr. Boot Camp, with margaritas and Coronas.

Gardening Mom had a birthday, and we went to a craft fair a few days later to celebrate with her.

We watched as Sisters Swimmer and Singer got their high school diplomas, and then headed out to the river for the weekend to celebrate their graduation, Father's Day, and a visit from Best Cousin!

HH's family got together for another quarterly Family Poker Night, where I narrowly missed out on winning again.

We headed down to San Diego, hippie juice in the trunk, to bid adieu to our very good friend, Twin Navy, as he was about to start his journey in the military by heading off to boot camp.

I pulled off a double surprise when we surprised Sisters Singer and Swimmer for their high school graduation, with a big ole party at my parents house!

Sisters Swimmer and Singer, HH and myself headed off for our graduation/summer vacation at a very magical place: Disneyworld!

In July...
The 4th of July was filled with lunch and dinner barbeques, ending with some lackluster fireworks that were made up by the fantastic friends surrounding us while we watched them.
Twin Unicorn hosted a fun in the sun summer barbeque and pool day - hippie juice made another appearance.

We were invited over to Cute Apartment's boyfriend's pad for a Breaking Bad premier party - including El Pollo Loco catering and a homemade meth cake (cheesecake with blue sprinkles), which you'll only really get if you're a BB watcher.

I finally bit the bullet and took an exam I needed to get done with to further my nursing degree.  I was uuber nervous, but passed, and with a pretty high score if I do say so myself!

While I was in San Diego to take the aforementioned exam, I had a chance to grab lunch with my darling friend, Future Dr. Babies.

Future Dr. and I back in June for Twin Navy's Going Away Party

Gardening Mom, Sister Swimmer and her boyfriend, and myself headed to Laguna Beach for the annual Summer Sawdust Festival.  If you're visitng the area, or are local but have never been - this is a fun outing in South Orange County!

We spent a fabulous and very much needed day with our friends, BBQ-ing in the sun, throwing back Bud Lights, and heading to my favorite, The OC Fair.

The month is ending on a sweet note tonight when we head out for a Family Ladies Night Out at The Melting Pot - fondue and cocktails is my kinda mid-week night out!

Here's to hoping I can keep up with these monthly recaps,
and it's not November before you see another one!


Christi said...

Hi from Mingle Monday! Love your blog and recap - looks like you've had a fun couple months! I LOVE those cakepops...too cute!

Amber said...

The surprise party for your sisters looks like a blast!
Congrats on your exam girlfriend! :)

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