Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Our first date came and went, and amazing it was.  We laughed like we had been laughing for months, but this time it was different.  We were laughing and holding hands.  Giggling and stealing kisses.  It was like falling in love with your best friend...which is probably because it was.

That first weekend we spent after deciding to give things a try was deliciously joyful.  It was so fun to be "out" for lack of a better expression - to have admitted my feelings and not feel like there was the unspoken secret between us and everyone who knew us - little did I know at the time, it was no secret, it was pretty obvious there was something between us the whole time.

I will always remember our Friday night date to El Torito Grill (not El Torito - there is a difference!).  We ran into someone we went to high school with, and laughed about how random it must have been for her to see us together.  We had a wonderful dinner, and headed back to the car where we went to Redheaded Kid's mom's house, whom I re-met (I had originally met her as a dorky looking 12-year-old, my hopes are that I made a better impression as a dorky looking 20-year-old).  When we got in the car a certain super popular song by a certain woman-beating singer (coughChrisBrowncough) was playing (this was pre-beating though, so it was the jam) and we decided this would be our song (another reason to hate Chris Brown - he ruined our song!). 

It was also in this moment, whilst listening to Forever, that we realized the date - August 8th, 2008.  08.08.08!

Redhead: 08.08.08 would be pretty easy to remember, want to make this thing official?
Stress Casey: You've got a way with words.  Sure!
And that's how we became an official we.
PS. By far, one of the sweetest conversations I've ever had with HH was when we were at his mom's house later that night, grabbing his laptop to make things Facebook Official.
Stress Casey: Okay, you go first and then I'll accept.
Redhead: No, you go first, no one will believe that I'm dating you if I go first!
So adorable.
And no, the irony that I am posting this on 12.12.12 is not lost on me.

Want to catch up on the story of how my Handsome Husband became my Handsome Husband? Find out how we met, what it was like going to high school with HH, how he reappeared in my life after moving to San Diego for college, and how he went from a memory to a best friend in weeks. Read about how I found out he wasn't thinking of me as just a friend, what he did for me while in Europe, and our first kiss.  You can also read about how he was a total jackass played hard to get right when I was ready to give him a shot.


Ashley said...

Loves this. My husband and I met in college and were best friends for almost four years before we decided to give it a shot! Everyone around us always said we would end up together but I wasn't so sure. Thank god I decided to give us a shot! Hands down best decision of my life!

Blue Dog Belle said...

This is so sweet. Love y'all together.

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