Friday, December 7, 2012

If I Had a Do-Over

If I Had a Do-Over...
I would have paid a lot more attention to my studies in high school, and cared a bit more the first few years of college.  I would have realized how much I loved the medical field earlier on, and I would have gone to Medical School instead of Nursing (by no means do I think doctors are somehow better than nurses, but if I had it to do over, I would love to be Dr. Stress Casey).
I would have kept some nasty things I've said to people that I cared about to myself, because if they still haunt my thoughts, the other people must remember them too.

I would have never chopped these locks as short as I did!  I am so glad I got to donate to a child who needed my hair more than I did, but damn, I can't stand growing it out! 

I would have talked to my Grandmother more often, it always made her really happy and I was too much of a bitchy teen to put aside the time, and now that I care, I don't have that option.
I would have had two bars at my wedding, one of my only wedding regrets thankyouverymuch.
I would have been a little more selective with who I trusted, as it's bitten me in the ass a time or two.
I would have taken more photos with my sweet Handsome Husband when we were just little kiddies, cause I love the one we have.
What might you do differently if you had a do-over?


Julie said...

If I had a do-over I'd pay attention more to my college advisor who actually advised the wrong classes so I graduated a semester later. I guess the good thing is my roommate was in the same boat so we both graduated a semester later but really who advises to take such and such classes when they aren't even needed! College is an unknown world and well it probably cost me a teaching job, etc because of his little mistakes!

Micah said...

If I had a do-over, I would have studied harder in high school and college. I could have been an honors student if I actually tried. I also probably would have gotten my first kiss out of the way a long time ago with someone who was at least somewhat significant in my life instead of some guy I went on three dates with when I was 32. Because now I want to kiss lots more people and -- let's be real -- there just aren't as many opportunities for that in your 30s as there are in college. :)

Shellsea said...

I would have done better in school. I did pretty well, but I could have done so much better. I would have been nicer to my grandparents. I had a good relationship with my grandma, but didn't always listen and could have been nicer before she passed.

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