Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I'd Love to See Under the Tree This Year

In all serious, all I need for Christmas is time with my loving family, and some sweet sparkly lights.  But, a girl can dream about some other pretty gifts under the tree too - and these are the gifts in mine.

1. My far-fetched dream, but a DSLR is on my list and has been for years.  I have these teensy little dreams of becoming a family photographer on the side - but my camera blows.


2. A Silhouette Machine - you've no idea how many more Pinterest projects I could complete if this was in my arsenal!


3. New scrubs.  My dryer has shrunk most of mine, and no, it is most definitely not the 15 extra pounds I've packed on that is making my clothes snug!

4. An Erin Condren planner for 2013 - I have loved mine this year, but cannot stomach the $50 price tag. 


PS I think the ultimate thoughtful gift would be the "Favorite Things" with someone putting in your favorite things, or things that remind them of you...ah, I die.

5. Some super cute trinkets for my new home - I'm super into fleur de lis, crowns, and keys right now...oh, and all things burlap and neutral.  I'm not the most exciting home decorator, I know.

6. This flat iron that I was introduced to back in May by Twin Beauty School that I have been dreaming about ever since:


7. A magazine subscription would be so fantastic - big fan of Cosmo, US Weekly, and Real Simple right here!

8. Cooking classes - there is a local place here that does "date nights" which sound like so much fun!


9. Some goodies for my iPhone and iPad are always wonderful - I'd love a mount for under my kitchen cabinets to persue Pinterest on mid-dinner cooking, a back-up battery charger for my phone, and a really nice alarm clock docking station in particular.

10. This little beaut to try and get my teenage skin to realize I'm closing in on mid-twenties here, and it could stop with the acne!



Miranda said...

i bit the bullet and got a 2013 EC planner. I just love them too much. And i keep seeing these silhouette machines everywhere. What do they do?

Shellsea said...

I love this post! I hope you get the silhouette this year :) I got my very first EC planner! (birthday gift). I totally need a new straightener. If you get a Tspoons gift card we have to do a date night together!

tara said...

awesome list! hope santa is good to you! :)

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