Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Ladies' Tea

Every year, my Handsome Husband's Aunt Fancy Chef hosts a Ladies' Holiday Tea and every year, it is so much fun!  I've only been able to attend three times, and each time has been at a different fabulous location!  From gorgeous hotels to fancy restaurants (and it used to be in her beautiful home, as well!) - Aunt Fancy always picks a wonderful place to have some tea, some cocktails (mimosa for me, thankyouverymuch), and some holiday fun.

This year's tea was held this past weekend, and thanks to Tutor Girl and Mother-in-Law Red, I've got some photos to share!

The entrance into the beautiful Motif Restaurant at the St Regis Monach Beach
Just a sampling of the fantastic food they had - tea sandwiches, yummy salads, and sweet desserts!

Tutor Girl and MIL Red

Grandma Beach Bum and my Gardening Mom

The whole gang
From L-R: Tutor Girl, Me, Cousin Study Buddy, Cousin Teeny Girl, MIL Red, Grandma Beach Bum, Aunt Fancy Chef, and Gardening Mom
Stop by Heartfelt Happenings today where Tutor Girl is dishing some more on the Holiday Tea, and read her post from last year HERE to see photos from Holiday Teas from the past!


Meg O. said...

How gorgeous! Looks like a fun time!

Shellsea said...

Yeah for fun teas at beautiful places! I love our Ladies lunches.

Amber said...

How beautiful! That looks like a fun time!

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