Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Honest Christmas Letter

I just about died laughing reading Anna's Christmas Letter No One Will Be Receiving, and had to write my own ultra-honest letter.

Dearest Friends and Family,

How can it already be the holiday season and new year again?!  Time sure does fly, doesn't it?  We hope this letter reaches you in good spirits, and that you and yours are enjoying the holiday season!  And hope you had a great Chrsitmas, cause you know this aint getting out before then.

What can we say about this year?  It's been one full of changes, exciting and exhausting.

We went through the worst form of torture there is possible - buying a condo via short sale.  I almost jumped off the roof of said condo to send a message to Chase Bank on how insanely assbackwards their entire system is.  But alas, I survived and we moved into our condo at the beginning of September, and as such, still have an absurd amount of things to unpack.

With our newfound privacy came back the spark to our relationship...if you know what I mean bowchickabowwow.  The privacy didn't only bring sexytime though, it also brought with it some real knock-down drag-out fights - you know the kind where if you saw it later you'd totally be disgusted with yourself.  So that was fun.  Thankfully we really love each other, and Handome Husband is good at apologizing.  And I'm really good at pointing out when and exactly how he should. 

Speaking of HH, what a year it's been for him!  From getting offered admittance to multiple law schools and scholarships aplenty to surviving the everpresent family drama to thinking he broke his arms when he finally had a chance to go to the gym for the first time last week - it's been a big one.  His muscles have been like balloons this year - getting bigger when he had all the free time in the world over summer, and deflating a bit when school started to consume his life.  Oh, and he's gotten closer with Cousin Study Buddy than he ever saw coming, due to them both going to law the same the same track...with almost all the same classes.  Keepin' it tight in our family, it's what we do. 

And speaking of keeping it tight, I've gained about 10 pounds this year, so that's neat.  My clothes still fit, but I look sort of like a sausage that's too big for the casing.  My new years resolution isn't even to lose weight necessarily but just stop eating like it's going out of style.  My diet of Coca-Cola, bubble gum, and Spaghetti-Os has not prevailed in 2012.  I'm still working for the local Children's Hospital, so my eardrums are blown from screaming children and my confidence shot from overdemanding parents.  But my heart is full from saving lives yada yada.

So that's that.  Until next year!

Handsome Husband & Stress Casey


Julie said...

I cannot believe its already the holidays/new year either. Time surely does fly!

Amber said...

Hilarious! I love the letter. :)

meghan said...

This letter is really funny. I've got to give it to you! Haha! Nice transitions too (sorry, I'm a teacher...I can't get over feeling like I'm grading things when I read them).

Shellsea said...

I love recap posts. I cannot believe that some of that happened so long ago. That's why blogging is awesome to take the time to document. 2012 looked amazing! Wishing you more blessings in 2013!

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