Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Want to know something that will make you crazy jealous?

I'm done Christmas Shopping.
Yup.  It's true.  I was done by December 2nd.  (Okay if I am being super honest, I have a few things on my list to make that have yet to be accomplished, and my Handsome Husband has one more gift to pick up for someone in his family, but other than that I'm totally dunzo.)
I always end up finishing my shopping crazy early because 1. I cannot stand crowds (like I'll miss the last amazing song of a concert if I can avoid shuffling out with thousands of people) and so I avoid the mall like the damn plague from about December 5th on, and 2. I love Christmas shopping. 
I seriously cannot get enough of the Christmas shopping.  I get so excited when I come up with a gift idea, I can't wait to see how everything will come together!  I totally pride myself on being a good gift giver, so this is the most exciting time of year!  Gift giving aplenty!
What's next on my Holiday To-Do List?

Heading to the local Christmas tree lot (we're not lucky enough to get to cut one down ourselves in our neck of the woods!) with my sweet Handsome Hubs and picking out our first ever live Christmas tree in our new home!


Veronica Lee Burns said...

I finished last week! YAY us!!!

We just got our tree this weekend, it was our very first time too and we didn't get to cut it down haha. But it was still great. Have fun!

Julie said...

I am proud to say I'm 95% done and its wrapped too! I don't know why but I just wanted it to be done with early and I met my goal!

Samantha said...

That's amazing. Can I send you my list? I'm so far behind.

Danielle Douglas said...

Me too! Other than gift cards and printing out a few things to stick in frames. The only problem with being done so early is all the way to christmas i'll see things when i'm out and about that i just HAVE to get for so and so that i am supposedly 'done' shopping for! love giving the 'perfect' gift so much that i took over doing half my mom's christmas shopping too!

tara said...

way to go, girl! i only have one gift left to buy!

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