Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post: Shellsea from Heartfelt Happenings

Hello Stress Case readers! I am so glad to be here today as Casey and her Handsome Husband embark on their exciting East Coast trip.

I'm Shellsea and I blog over at Heartfelt Happenings. You might know me here as Tutor Girl, just picture lots of books and an arsenal of teaching strategies. When I'm not doing that I'm mom to one of the busiest toddlers in the world. Outside of that, is my amazing husband {who is Casey's Handsome Husband's cousin}he is my best friend and we plan to have many grand adventures.

Recently on my blog I mentioned three places I would want to visit.

I listed New York City as one of them and I am sure I've mentioned it more than once.

I would love to travel back East one day.

And, not because it would be an awesome place to see, but because it's where my paternal grandparents are from.

My grandfather's family grew up in Elmsford, New York. Since I was younger I've always heard stories from my older aunt and uncles about NY. My aunt attended Saint Jean Baptiste High School in Manhattan just as her mom and aunts had done before her. I've heard stories about how my great grandfather was principal in Elmsford and that bunches of our family lives there. Or how my aunt would walk to school in cold NY winters and how she didn't learn to drive until she was in her thirties!
My father is a couple years younger than his older siblings and was born and raised in California {just like me!} NY always sounded like a neat place to visit and not just for the family ties. For all the obvious reasons too.

Even though my husband has been to many places on the East Coast like Philadelphia and DC he's never been there. It's something I want to experience together for the first time. A memory for us to add to our love story.

I have a feeling tv and movies only give part of the picture.
I want to stroll though Central Park holding hands with the love of my life.
Visit the Statue of Liberty for all the history.

And of course see that famous New York skyline...

And, to make a truly memorable trip we'll go for the coming Formula 1 Race. My hubs is a big fan!

Thanks for having me Stress Case readers! I know I can't wait to see all of Casey's breathtaking photos from her trip!

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