Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things Thursday: Things Currently On My Mind

For a blog named Stress Case, there hasn't been a whole lot of stress mentioned on the blog as of late.  Partially because I am getting slightly more relaxed in more old age (this next birthday is going to kill me), and partially because I have just really sucked it up as a blogger as of late (see below for more on that).

I digress.

1. The fact that I have approximately 10% of my wardrobe in my car and need to bring it inside, wash most of it, and pack tonight for our East Coast Vacation.

2. All of the crazy violence that has been going on lately.  We're talking ex-cops gone nutso, a murder followed by shooting rampage that started a fourth mile from my home, and the horrific but less recent school shooting and movie theater shooting that still weigh heavily on my mind and heart.  I thought about writing an entire post about these (most recently about the shooting in Ladera Ranch, California), but thought it would come across as both inappropriate (I was not affected by any of these personally, who am I to be freaking out about it), and depressing.

3. Our joint birthday party (Hubs and I are just a week apart) that is fast approaching.  PS Is it totally inapprop to throw yourself a birthday party?  I figure I can get away with it since it is for both of us.  Thoughts?

4. On the same note - turning 25, in general.  Lots of mixed feelings about this one, y'all.

5. How inspiring Sister Swimmer is with her ongoing and expanding dreams of helping others - sister is on her way to Peru in the next few weeks for a mission trip.

Sister Singer (in blue) on her 2011 trip to Haiti.

6. Our San Diego friends and how much I miss them.  Here's to hoping we'll be seeing them at our upcoming birthday!

With our SD friends in SD, May 2011

7. How happy I am to be still completely and totally in love with my very Handsome Husband after almost two years of wedded bliss.

Our Wedding, February 26, 2011

8. The awesome things HH is doing in law school: kicking butt in classes, securing externships for the summer, and my favorite - meeting some really wonderful new friends!

A bunch of future lawyers...and me.

9. Friends, family, and the funny way dynamics change over time.  This one's vague, I know, but some things gotta stay private.

10. How insanely excited I am to see Aunt Delaware and company out on the east coast in less than 48 hours!

The last time I saw my Aunt Delaware - 2 years ago at our wedding!

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Casey said...

25 was a hard one for me too! I feel ya!

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