Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Vows

When Handsome Husband and I got married, we did not write our own vows.  He was not keen on the idea, and I really thought there was something beautiful about using vows that so many before you have used in their weddings, so we kept it traditional.

Recently, I had a thought.  If I was to write my vows today, almost two years into this adventure called marriage, what would I say?  Here goes nothing.

Handsome Husband,
I love you.  I love that you are my husband, and that I can still do something as cheesy and dorky as writing vows to you post-nuptually.  You are the best person I could have ever picked to share my life with, and if I had the choice I would pick you ever second of every minute of every day for the rest of my life.

I truly can't believe how lucky I am sometimes.  I have you in my life to grow old with, and to grow up with - and how totally awesome is that?  We are somehow so alike and so very different at the same time.  You are my perfect counterpart and I am so glad I realized that when I did.

I love that you make me laugh like no one else.  I love that you remain calm when I meltdown into a puddle.  I love your red hair and I love that you love your red hair.  I love the way you care about traditions, and family, and keeping relationships with friends.  I love your laugh, your smile, and your sense of humor.  I love your charisma and the fact that everyone remembers you after meeting you once (even if they might call you Shawn a few times).  I love how intelligent you are, and how learning about the law excites you.  I love that you do the laundry and almost never even complain.  I love that you love my cooking, and tell me that every time I make something.  I love the way you love my friends, and that my friends are truly your friends too.

Most of all, I love the way you love me.  The way you make me feel like no matter what, you are in this thing for good and we will take each thing on as we come to it.

Here we are, about to celebrate our 2-year-anniversary and deep in the midst of this exciting life we share together.  We have accomplished so much: both graduated and begun our careers, you are knee-deep in law school, we bought a home together - I am proud of you, and I am just us proud of us as a unit.  We are going to do even bigger things together, I just know it.

I promise to love you forever and ever and ever.  I promise to not only support you in all that you do, but challenge you as well.  I promise to read your cover letters and resumes, and even your writing assignments (once they've already been turned in, of course!).  I promise to let you put Tapatio on everything I make, even though I still think it's sort of an insult.  I promise to never be that wife who doesn't let you go out with the guys, practice your hobbies, and have a life that's not all about me.  I promise to one day be a good mom to our children and to never ever talk bad about their father in front of them.  I promise to immerse myself even more in your family, so I can truly be a "M" family lady.  I promise to continue to get tangled up in the sheets every night, because I really can't help it.

With this vow, I, again, give you my whole heart for my my whole life.

I love you.


Julie said...

When we were getting married, I had suggested writing our own vows. Keith had looked at me like I was crazy, which showed me that he was more nervous than he was letting on. So we did the traditional ones as well, which in the end of was good because he was nervous throughout that I had to give him cues on things during the cereomy. Its cute though when I look back on it!

Casey said...

This is such a beautiful idea. We also used the traditional vows in our wedding. I may steal this idea. :)

Shellsea said...

I missed this post on the first go round. It so sweet- I love it. Happy almost two year anniversary. You're an awesome "M" matriarch.

Megan said...

awww! Happy Anniversary!!!! :)

Hilary said...

Such a sweet post! PS. Can your husband teach my husband to do the laundry? :-P

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