Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yes and No to the Grammys

YES to this stunning look:

No, no, NO to this idiotic decision:
YES to TSwift singing along, looking like she is having a hell of a good time.
No to TSwift exploiting every guy that looks her way to more attention.  Read: English accent during the opening number.
YES to too much boob (is there even such a thing?).
No to too much (or the entire) leg.
What were your Grammy yes/no's?


Julie said...

I loved Carrie Underwood's dress!

Brittany M. said...

haha WHAT the heck was up with Jlo? She was trying to pull off the Angie leg and it did NOT work. Loved Rihanna's dress though!

itsmekt said...

yes would be kelly rowlands dress and no would be adeles dress, jlos leg, and frank oceans preformance

tara said...

tswift's performance was horrific. as was jlo's dress. rihanna's dress was amazing!!

Shellsea said...

What a fun post! I didn't watch, but love seeing your opinions on dresses! And, surprised JLo's dress wasn't a nude, sheer number per usual.

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