Monday, February 4, 2013

ABC This is Me

Try not to be jealous of my ability to come up with the cheesiest possible titles for posts.  It's a gift.
I have quite a few new friends (read: followers...but I wish you'd be my friend!) around these parts (shoutout to Becky for sending so many this way!), and I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself.
We've all seen the ABCs of Me survey, and it's just a little...cheesy for my tastes (shocking I know with the above title).  So I've come up with my own 26 snippets to help introduce myself to you new followers! 
12-years-old is the age I was when I met my very Handsome Husband.
I'm a beer girl, but only cheap beer.  My favorite is Bud Light - just call me white trash.
My name is Casey, spelled...well C-a-s-e-y.  It's not KC, it's not Kacie, and it's sure as shit not Kaycee.
I'm not a dog girl.  I've tried it, and the sad truth is: every puppy I've gotten in my adult age has been in my house for less than a week before it had to go to a new home.  Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.
I'm all for chivalry, but I have this weird obsession with reminding my husband that we are equals.  Fight on, feminists!
I just went to Florida for the first time ever last summer, when my darling sisters, my Handsome Husband and I went to Disneyworld in June!
My Gardening Momma is one of my all-time favorite people, she is not just a momma, but a best friend too.
My Hat Dad is also one of my favorite people.  I especially love how excited he looks to see me as of late - the perks of finally moving out.
I would really like to treck it out to Idaho one year with Tutor Girl and company, because their photos look gorgeous and I want to see it for myself!
Is it just me, or is January the most boring month?  It takes me half the month to get over the fact that it's not Christmas anymore, and the later half I'm just looking forward to Valentine's Day.  Snoozefest.
I had three girls in my wedding whose names started with K (and two including myself that started with C), there were a whole lot of K-k-k sounds going on that night.  PS one of my K-friends is now an exfriend, sad but true - you can read about that HERE.
I love my husband in a creepy way.  Like so much it hurts sometimes.  I truly wonder whether everyone feels this way about their significant others, and whether he's just really really special.
I got married on February 26, 2011 - that's right we're about to hit our second anniversary, people!  Sometimes it feels like it's been all of about 2 minutes, and others it feels more like 20 years.
I have wanted to go to New Orleans forever, but I have an incling I will not love it.  I mean, I hate crowds, dirty places, and touchy feely folks.  I like beads and boobs though, so there's that.
I was an only child for an entire six years, before Sisters Singer and Swimmer came crashing into my world.  Life was even more fun after those two rugrats came along though - you can read the letter I wrote to them on their graduation day HERE.
My HH and I were party people in college.  We lived in a house full of roommates (I was the only girl, might I add), and we hosted quite a few shin-digs in our day.
I have this grand idea that I am going to make a quilt of every souvenir-y type T-shirt I've ever acquired.  So I've got them all still.  Something tells me they are never making it into a quilt.
I have an inappropriate obsession with rhinestones.  I like to put them on just about everything. In fact, one time I had to take my phone to the Apple store to have them remove one from my headphone jack.  Thank God that's the only odd place I've gotten one stuck.
My maiden name was Smith.  And now I can barely spell my last name.  Seriously, you can read about the time I misspelled it HERE.
I run a little series here on the blog called Quotable Tuesdays, where I share my favorite quotes (in pretty graphic form!) every single Tuesday.  I don't think I've missed one since I started the blog, and here's an extra one just for good measure:
I have yet to attend college classes at a university.  While I'd like to say this is one of my regrets, I truly believe each decision we make shapes our life and I rather like where I've ended up, so I can't say I regret not going earlier in life.  I know I'll get there someday, I just might be the old lady who has to sit in the front row to see.
I hate velvet.  Like, if I touch it, it makes me gag.  I'm weird.
I'd really like to be a Wedding planner one day on the side.  I have a hard time beleiving I will ever find the time, finances, or energy to make that happen, but I know I would be good at it, and I know I would enjoy it.
One time (at band camp), I broke the cartilidge that surrounds one of my ribs.  I had to get an x-ray to confirm that it was not, in fact, my rib that was broken.  The result image was, let's just say, graphic.  I'll tell you this: my boobs look great on x-ray film.
I will be turning 25-years-young young this March, and it scares the living daylights out of me.  I never thought I'd be one of those women who thinks she's old at 25.  But here I am.
I truly cannot think of anything about myself that has anything to do with zebras or zig-zags (actually, I'm totally into chevron, if that counts) and those are the only words I can think of that start with Z.


Kate Rogers said...

I loved this! Very creative and had me laughing a time or twelve!! =)

And you aren't the only one in their 20's who thinks they are old. I will be 26 in 1 month and seriously I feel like I am going on 86!! Never thought I would see the day but I dread it!

Kate @

Chloe said...

Loved this! You have a wonderful talent. And you made me laugh like 124553 times. =) I'm freaking out about being 22 in 9 days. Eeek

Brittany M. said...

Cute! I'm totally a cheap beer girl too, although Coors Light is my ticket. haha I even embarrass my husband with that; he's a little more refined than I am. Pssh on him!
(And how the HECK did I not know your hubby was a redhead? Mine too!)

Kate said...

Who the heck is that impostor in the first comment?! Doesn't she know I AM THE ONLY KATE RODGERS?

Hilary said...

Wow! How awesome that you've known your hubby for so long!! New follower here from Becky's blog!

Shellsea said...

Doesn't look like my comment went through the first time. So...Idaho, huh! You should totally visit in the summer- good times!

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