Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Month of Love Comes to an End

In February...

We watched the Superbowel at not one, but two family homes - first half at Gardening Mom's with regionally appropriate food (Maryland crab cakes and San Fransisco sourdough bowls hello!) and the second at Grandma Beach Bum's with a super yummy dinner to end the night!

Aunt Fancy Chef and Uncle Lighting took us to a lovely dinner filled with stories, laughter and a little wedding ring chatter.

We went bowling (at the most ghetto bowling alley I've ever been to, mind you) with some of Handsome Husband's law school pals.

We had a miniature goodbye with Best Friend Fashionista as she headed off to NYC to start this most exciting chapter in her life.  It wasn't too traumatic, being that we would be seeing her in mere days when we rendevouzed in the Big Apple on our vacation.

HH's family hosted another quarterly Family Poker Tournament - keep an eye out for some good news from that coming soon on the blog!

This, my friends, is what marriage looks like.
(Not sure what I'm praying for here - maybe for HH to relax!)

We hosted a little triple-date breakfast at our house for Twin Beauty School and The Bouncer; and Best Friend Cute Apartment and Number Cruncher.  We killed quite a few bottles of champagne - and by we, I mostly mean HH, myself, Cute Apartment and Numbers.  Beauty School and Bouncer are way more responsible than us!

I got hit with quite the case of a nasty cold that was followed with some horrific allergies.  Needless to say, our Valentine's Day was very romantic - it included me sleeping drugged up on cold meds and HH studying.  Ahh, love.

Handsome Husband and I attended our first "Law School Prom" as were calling it - otherwise known as Barrister's Ball.  It was so much fun, and I am truly so delighted to be meeting all of these wonderful future lawyers, but more importantly future and current friends.

HH, myself and Cousin Study Buddy at "Law Prom"

After a fun morning-after breakfast with our Law Prom pals, we headed down to San Diego to celebrate the homecoming of an old friend of HH's, World Traveler! WT was in the Peace Corps, and we literally had not seen him since HH graduated college back in 2010.  It was so nice to see him, it was as if no time had passed since HH and him had seen each other.  Aren't those the best kinds of friends? 

World Traveler in the middle - he looks so worldly, no?

I had the best ever day off work for President's Day.  A morning of sleeping in; an afternoon of lunch with my favorite girl, Cute Apartment; and a couple glasses of wine with Cousin Study Buddy?  Just what the doctor ordered.

To avoid packing for our vacation, I headed to dinner with Ms. Art Teacher (who is actually no longer teaching art, but whatever).  It was overdue (as it always seems to be, damn busy adult lives!), but as wonderful as always.

And of course - we headed out on our vacation. 
That we are on as you read this blog post!
Not to worry, full recaps to come upon our return.

In March?  We'll both turn ancient (read: 25), Tutor Girl is having a wittle baby, Hat Dad and Cousin Study Bud are having birthdays, and Easter is happening.

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