Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday v.4

5 Things...
...I really really miss
1. Riding ATVs (we called them quads cause we were professionals) in the dessert with my Daddy-o and cousins multiple times a year.  I can't even remember the last time we went, and I wish I would've known then that it was the last time.
2. Our little Taco Tuesday Crew.  It sort of disintegrated about a year ago due to lots of factors - friendships evolving, changing and ending; people moving; and everyone generally getting a little older and having more responsibilites.  I miss our little group, though.
3. San Diego, and our San Diego friends.  I miss listening to my Handsome Hubs scream and the TV during the last World Cup with Mr. Concussion and Best Friend Dodger screaming along with him, and I miss Pacific Beach and getting drunk while smelling the ocean.
4. My Delaware family.  It's only been a few months, but I miss them dearly.  Tag, you're turn to come out, guys!
Hanging out on the Museum steps in DC in February
5. Disney World.  HH and I discuss them far too often for two grown adults, but DW was just so much fun.  It was fun to wake up and do something a little different in the many parks, and head somewhere for the morning and somewhere else for the evening.  It was such a great trip, and we talk often about going back.
Last Summer at The Magic Kingdom
5 Things...
...I want to do this summer
1. Go to the beach.  I am so not a beach girl, but for some reason I am really feeling a beach trip coming on.  We'll see if that actually comes to fruition.
2. Spend time at our community pools.  We pay a hefty HOA fee for the beautiful community we love to live in, and would you believe we haven't spent a single moment in one of the eleven pools in our small town.  I would like to spend some time soaking up some rays and floating over the weekends of this summer.
3. Get away for a weekend.  I don't care where, I don't care when, but I want to go somewhere this summer for a short weekend getaway.
4. Spend time on our patio.  We have a gorgeous little patio at our house, and while we have rocked quite a few six-packs and fires in our fire pit, we don't spend too much time out there during the day.  I would like to spend some time lounging on my patio furniture, smelling my sweet Jasmine, and listening to the community go by.
5. Arizona.  This is a gimme, because we're totally heading there next weekend for Father's Day, but still I haven't been to my parents' desert house in nearly a year!  We somehow missed the entire winter season, but the summer's not passing us by without a boating trip or two!
Hat Dad basking in the Arizona sun last year during Father's Day Weekend
5 Things...
...I'd like for my home
1. A new microwave.  Handsome Husband may or may not have accidently ripped the handle right off our microwave this week (he's so strong), and that shit?  Is just a little too ghetto for my taste.  Now the only decision is do we go white to match our current appliances, or spring for an upgrade like stainless steel and eventually upgrade everything?  #HomeownerProblems
2. Some cute little throw pillows to put outside and brighten up our patio for summer!
3. Some kind of storage cabinet for a very bare section of my living room, during Christmas there is a beautiful tree there, but the rest of the time?  A big empty space of wall!
4. A big ole chalkboard.  Call me trendy, but I want to have a cute place to put quotes or greetings to guests or anything I want!
5. Some garage storage.  I love that our garage is big enough to fit both of our cars and some other crap, but I'd love to spend some time and moola getting the rest of that crap organized and looking cute!

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