Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What It's Like Being Married to a Saint

It's true.  My husband is a saint.  You may think I'm being sarcastic, but the man truly deserves a medal for the things he does.  I don't know any woman who is quite as lucky as I am.  And here's why.

My husband:
  • Does the laundry, almost exclusively.  I've literally done maybe four loads since we moved in to our home in September.
  • Washes the dishes, even when he cooks.  To be fair, sometimes it takes him a few days to get to them, but I'm the last girl you'll hear complaining about a few dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Makes the bed nearly every day, just because he likes the way it looks and feels.
  • Sweeps and steam cleans the floors.
  • Is the only person who touches our vacuum.
  • Brings me lots of meals and drinks in bed, often times without even being asked.
  • Takes the very very best care of me, in every single way possible.
He does all of this while making me smile, laugh and fall a little more in love with him each day.  I truly don't know how in the world I got so lucky and blessed.  The truth is, I would love him just the same if he was a big ole slob (coughlikemecough).  But can't lie, it's nice that he's the opposite!
He also looks good golfing, another win for HH!
You may be wondering what it is I do after reading HH's long list of chores, and I gotta be honest, so am I at this point.  I suppose I do most of the cooking, and lots of looking pretty around the house.  Let's be real - HH is definitely the lucky one.  


Hilary said...

Do you think HH could give my hubby some pointers? I went to NYC in the middle of last week and came back yesterday morning. There were dishes that I put in the sink before I left STILL THERE! I think he put his clothes in every room of the house EXCEPT the laundry room, and the poor animals had NO water to drink. I sure hope I don't die until I'm good and old because I don't think he can take care of himself without me!

Anonymous said...

Um, does he have ANY flaws? LOL Must be nice to have that kind of help! :)

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