Monday, June 10, 2013

Who Says "Crayon" like "Crown"?

Last week, I stumbled upon this seemingly off-topic article on Starcasm (the one and only source for MY celebrity gossip!), and thought these colorful maps were so interesting, I had to come share.

I have a thing for accents, like I seriously wish I was Southern, because I think the accents are so darn cute.  Alas, I am not, and though I do say y'all every once in a while and I pronounce my "a"s a little off, I really don't think I've got an accent.

Coke is a type of soda.  If you want another type, you can't just go around calling them all Coke!

I say pa-jam-ahs

This one made me laugh out loud.  Who the hell calls a crayon a crown?!

If someone told me to put my mouth near a "bubbler", I would not be on board.
Where does your dialect fall on these maps?
There are tons more of these over at Starcasm! 


tara said...

this had me cracking up! we do definitely call everything coke down here! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA I've heard a few people pronounce "crayon" as "crown" and it irks me so much! One I didn't see (maybe it's in the actual article?) is a "buggy" or a "cart." You know, the thing you push at the grocery store. Here in southeastern KY we call it a buggy and I've heard of people thinking that's weird! I definitely have a southern accent, though. The biggest thing is the pronunciation of "i." Like, instead of pronouncing "right" as "ra-eet"- you know, actually pronouncing the "i" like you are supposed to- we do it more like "rah-uht." That's the only way I can think of to spell it! LOL. It's just drawn out, I guess. I get made fun of for that all the time!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Well... even though I don't have much of a southern accent, apparently it's a little more prominent than I thought.

and I definitely call them "crowns" ha. woops. I think it starts off as "cray-ons" but then I start talking fast and it comes out as "crown"

Breanna said...

My roomie during my freshman year of college was from around Milwaukee, WI and she always called the drinking fountain a "bubbler". I still don't get it.

Kristine said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm dying with these... We definitely just say "pop" up here. And much like you, I aspire to have a southern accent... So, I pretend I do... ;)

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