Monday, June 17, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Sprinkes Ice Cream.
Did you even know this was a thing?  I, for one, had no idea until Sister Swimmer enlightened us over our family weekend at the River.  Curiosity, my sweet tooth, and needing a reward for surviving another four-hour-long river roadtrip (each way) led us there last night before we headed home to watch Mad Men and snooze before work on Monday.
The entire car ride back from Arizona, I was looking forward to the cupcake sundae Sister Swimmer raved out.  I ended up deciding on a red velvet cupcake with chocolate chip ice cream (though they were almost out of chocolate chip, so I ended up with mostly vanilla).
This cupcake sundae idea is genious.  Basically they cut the cupcake in half; put the bottom at the bottom of the ice cream cup; top with a few scoops of ice cream and throw on the top of the cupcake, frosting and all!
The red velvet cupcake was moist and yummy, and the cream cheese frosting was delightful.  The vanilla ice cream was seriously some of the best I've ever had, and I actually preferred it to the chocolate chip, so I was glad I ended up with it!
All in all, a fun novely treat every once in a while!  Note that these sundaes are so sweet with the combo of cupcake, frosting and ice cream.  Definitely not an everyday type thing, but a must-try if there is a Sprinkles Ice Cream near you!
Have you ever had Sprinkles Ice Cream?


Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

oh man that looks heavenly. I've actually never had even a sprinkles CUPCAKE but I've been dying to try one; this might be the best thing I've ever heard!

Kimmy Smith said...


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