Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday, v.5

5 Things...
...I did last weekend
1. Got my craft show on with Gardening Momma, picking up a few necessities (like push-pop fudge) while out.
2. Had some super yummy noodles at famed restaurant, Anqui.

3. Finally finished my little filing project that had sat spread out on our entire living room floor for three straight days.  I think HH is glad I'm done with that.
4. Was hosted for a lovely dinner at Baker Girl and The Esquire's brand new home!
5. Suffered through another entire episode of Homeland without Brody. my purse
1. A to-do list from about three weeks ago, that got about a quarter of the way actually done.
2. My wallet, which I am still loving.  One of the best gifts I've ever gotten!

3. My keys, of which I have an abundance.  A key for our home and our mail box.  A key to my parents' house.  A key to my clinic.  Two keys for my parents' house in Arizona.  Oh, and my car key.
4. A lipstick, and an empty tube of mascara.  Necessary.
5. About 47 bobby pins.  But don't you know it, I can still never find one when I need one!
...I watch on TV
1. As mentioned earlier, Homeland.


3. Real Housewives of... just about every city.  Beverly Hills gets started next month, woo hoo!
5. How I Met Your Mother

Happy Friday!


Julie said...

I love love love Nashville! I have been noting the places they mention on the show and I am planning on checking them out when we go in a few weeks.

LWLH said...

I love HIMYM. I'm sad it's the last season.

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