Monday, October 21, 2013

Blogging with a Purpose: Give and Take

I believe all relationships are give and take.  Sometimes you're the giver, sometimes you're taking a lot.  Sometimes you're managing a pretty impressive balance of both, and sometimes the scales get tipped a bit and it can cause some tension until they balance out again.

Marriage especially is so much a balancing act.  You're balancing out your strengths and weaknesses with that of your partners.  For a compatible couple, the hope is that you're staying in tune the majority of the time.  I'd say my husband and I manage a pretty good balance most of the time.  My Handsome Husband and I have been together over five years, and I think we've gotten pretty good at acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses and making them work for our relationship.

So, if I'm so great at acknowledging them?  I'll share them with you!

My Strengths
in Marriage
 I love a lot.  I love my husband, and tell him all the time.  I don't think there is every a question in his mind that he is adored.

I'm a good cheerleader.  I give good pep talks.  My husband walks away from some our conversations feeling inspired and empowered.

I embrace family.  Though in laws are not always easy, and I certainly don't always do everything with a smile and no comment (fairly certain I have a comment for just about everything, actually), I embrace both HH's family and my own.  I plan family events, I attend nearly all I am invited to, and I encourage family time as much as possible.

I can hold my own at a work or school function.  I know HH appreciates this cause he mentions it often.  I don't need him to hold my hand when we go out with law school friends, or coworkers.  I can keep a conversation engaging just fine on my own.

My Weaknesses
in Marriage

I am messy.  Handsome Hubs is naturally much cleaner than I am, and he also rocks at chores.  Whereas, I do not.  I am by no means the picture perfect housewife with floors you can eat off.  Hell, I can hardly remember how to use the washing machine.

I am needy.  I am liberal with my I love yous, and I want them back just as much.  During times when HH is very busy (coughfinalscough), I tend to feel disconnected and really miss our quality time and his focus being on me (what can I say?  I'm spoiled.)

I have a temper.  I can get angry and I'm not the best at controlling that anger.  Poor HH is the only person who sees my temper at it's worst, I think it's because I'm more comfortable with him than anyone else in the world.

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