Monday, October 14, 2013

My Super Sporty Weekend

When Handsome Husband was still just my Smart-Ass Redheaded Fiance and played college soccer, many of my weekends were filled with sports. 

I would rush out of class on Friday afternoons to head home, throw on my cheering gear, speed to the stadium and start the weekend off with a Friday afternoon or night game.  Depending on whether the team won or loss would depict how fun the rest of our evening was, but even with a loss there was usually some kind of social event to drown our sorrows at (read: drink a lot).  Saturday might be filled with a practice for HH, and some studying or errands for me, but on Sunday it was back on, with either a late morning or early afternoon game to end the weekend.  During soccer season, it felt like it consumed my life on the weekends.  There were the occasional roadtrips, but even then, often times I was glued to the computer watching live stats, hoping to see my man's name pop up as having scored!

This weekend felt reminiscent of those college soccer days, because it was overflowing with sporting events.  HH might not have been the star of them all, but it was a fun weekend, albeit a little different than our current average.

Friday after work, we headed down to San Diego to watch HH's alma mater stomp Cal State San Bernardino (sorry I'm not sorry, your girls' soccer team is annoying, and both of your teams lost!).  We stopped at the bar on campus, Home Plate, first for some beers (okay, water for me...I miss beer) and to meet up with some friends.  I love being on campus and going to games with the guys that HH used to play with in college.  It is so nice to have friends that you can go months or even years without seeing, and then meet up with on a whim, and talk (and tease each other, like the boys do) like no time has passed at all.

Saturday we had a busy day, which started off with a kickball game with some of the newbies HH has made friends with at law school.  As usual, my Handsome Hubs was the rockstar of the game, kicking it out of the park for some home runs more than once!  After the game, we were invited to attend a BBQ at Best Cousin and her awesome boyfriend's new place!  It was so nice to see their new digs, and what do you know it?  We watched some baseball upon arrival (#SuperSportyWeekend).  We stuffed our faces with some awesome food (I may or may not have have about 8 slices of watermelon), and met some nice very nice friends of Best Cousin's.  From there, we were off to see the new movie, Captain Phillips, after being invited by Aunt Fancy Chef.  We got another trip to the luxury movie theaters, and every time we go, I wonder why I ever see a movie at any other type of theater.  The movie was awesome, by the way - I'm thinking it has a few Oscar nods coming it's way.

Sunday we were greeted by a morning visit from my very own Gardening Mom to do some, what do you know, gardening!  Our little patio was in desperate need of a spruce up, and good ole GM came through, making it look a billion times better.  After some chatting with Gardening Mom and some morning lounging (time I probably should have spent checking off things on my October To-Do List), Handsome Husband and I headed to La Habra for a soccer game.  HH plays in a men's league on Sundays and I try to make it to a few games throughout the season.  It's pretty nostalgic watching my favorite guy kick the ball around.

Handsome Husband chatting with a friend pre Sunday game.

And that was my super sporty weekend.
What did you do this weekend?

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