Friday, October 4, 2013

Moving Away

Not to worry, we're not actually moving away.  Today, I'm just talking about moving away.  And why I don't think it's in our future, like ever.


Handsome Husband and I just had this conversation a few weeks ago, while en route to our breastfeeding class (an adventure in and of itself).  We talked about how much we love it here in our Orange County bubble, but of course there are cons to living in this paradise.  Negatives like...our 2-bedroom condo is worth the size of a gorgeous 5-bedroom home in some area of the country.  Cost of living is probably the one and only negative I can think of for our area.  That, and traffic, but we're so used to that - who cares anymore, you just allow for it!

So we pondered - would we ever leave this area?  Would we ever consider moving somewhere across the country - the East coast, the South, anywhere but here?

Maybe when our parents are gone, we thought.  Which is morbid, but the fact is they aren't going to be around forever, and when they're gone, would our roots to this area be gone too?  Nope, what about our siblings?  If they all start families here, we're not going to want to leave our sisters and brothers and neices and nephews. 

Maybe if one of us got a job offer we just couldn't turn down in another state.  But why would we be applying to it in the first place?  "You could get transferred" I told HH, "...if you work at a big firm."  "Maybe then," we decided. 

But what about our kids?  By the time this would even be a consideration, they would have their roots here.  Started school, made friends, been used to growing up around family.  Why would we even think about uprooting all that to an entirely different state?
We wouldn't.
So, the odds are we're not going anywhere.  Of course, I can't see in to the future, and you never know what life might throw at you, but I don't think we're going to be putting a new state's plates on our cars in this lifetime.  Hope you like us, Orange County, because we're here to stay.


Julie said...

We have a two bedroom condo and honestly I cannot see how we can have a baby here on top of everything else we have here. We'd have to get rid of a lot and storage it as we don't have storage here either. Are you planning on staying at your condo or at least moving somewhere within where you are living already?

Hilary said...

I think it's hard with Facebook & blogs these days, because we're in the same boat, house-wise. Our 2 bedroom/1 bath came with a mortgage that could buy our dream home somewhere else. At the same time, it'd take a lot more than that to take me more than 5 blocks from the ocean. That's how I grew up, and I want the same for my kids. Thankfully, I think it's rubbing off on my husband, who always had dreams of moving to a big city, like Denver. We're not going anywhere any time soon either. :-)

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