Friday, November 29, 2013

5 on Friday, v.6

5 Things...
...I'm working on today
1. Crib skirt for Baby M's nursery
2. Burp cloths (also for Baby M, in case you thought I had a spit up problem).
3. Wrapping presents - yay for Christmas!

4. Leftovers.
5. Wining back the family poker trophy - poker night is tonight!
...I'm excited about
1. I officially have only 15 days left of work before my maternity leave starts!
2. Christmas is less than a month away!
3. With Christmas less than a month away, that means Baby M's due date is fast approaching!
4. Finally getting to put some Christmas decor up in our house - yep I'm one of those who waits until after Thanksgiving is over.
5. Um...leftovers, duh.
...Happening in 2014

1. While I'd love for her to show up a little early in 2013, by 2014, Baby M will definitely be here!!

2. Handsome Husband will finish his second, and start his third year of law school.

3. I will have three months off work to bond with my new little friend.

4. HH and I will turn 26 - yikes.

Celebrating our 25th birthday this year, tacky Las Vegas style!
5. We will celebrate our third wedding anniversary, and our sixth year of being together as a couple.

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