Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 31


What's up with Baby this week? Baby is doing lots of practicing this week - from swallowing and breathing to kicking and sucking!

Symptoms? What am I not feeling this week?  I'm exhausted, my back is killing me by noon every day and doesn't let up until I wake up the next morning, and sitting up in bed is getting to be a whole production.

Gender? Lady.

Excited For? Getting lots of baby items last weekend, and taking our maternity photos this weekend!

Maternity Clothes? Almost exclusively maternity outside of work, though I do still wear some pre-pregnancy jeans with a belly band because I never managed to find a good pair of maternity skinny jeans.

Sleep? Sleep is going okay, but lying in bed is not nearly as comfortable as it used to be.  Often times my Handsome Husband is wondering what all the commotion is when I'm simply trying to move positions in bed.

Movement? More movement some days than other, but she is most active in the evenings.  She has taken to what feels like pushing from the inside.  Not kicking, not adjusting, but pushing.  Maybe she's trying to make more room!

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.

Missing Anything? Lying on my stomach in bed, and not feeling like a whale.


31w2d Did a lot of baby shopping, much to the unhappiness of my bank account (and maybe my husband).  I picked up the swing I'd been longing for, some cute swaddles for little miss, and my first nursing bra!

Cravings? Nothing really this week.  There was one night I would have killed for a bagel.

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 24 pounds. Which isn't so bad except for that I am terrified that I am going to be gaining a pound a week at this rate and I've still got 8 weeks left!

My how I've grown!

1 comment:

LWLH said...

Your bump is so cute!
I feel that kind of 'pushing' too. Not a hit or kick but just pressure push on my left side.

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