Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 32


What's up with Baby this week? Baby is gaining weight at the rate of almost a half a pound per week, and could gain an inch in length this week alone!  With so much baby in there, amniotic fluid is maxed out, so her pokes and jabs can feel pretty sharp these days.

Symptoms? Back pain seems to start nearly every day around lunch time, and lasts until the next morning.  The belly has felt a little sore all week, too.

Gender? Girly girl.

Excited For? Seeing how our maternity photos turned out, and my second baby shower with some fabulous girls this weekend!

Maternity Clothes? Have switched over to casual tops with scrub bottoms about 50% of the time at work, because my tops are getting a little too snug.  Rocked a pre-pregnancy dress (in the 32 week photo above!) and felt pretty good about it!

Sleep? Getting comfortable is way harder than staying asleep, but the 2-3 bathroom breaks a night are not doing wonders for my REM sleep, I'll tell you that.

Movement? Little miss has active days and slower days, but I feel her every day and I can't wait to meet this little kicker.

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.

Missing Anything? Cocktails, and not dreading walking up and down stairs.


32w1d The first person other than Handsome Husband was able to feel baby girl kick from the outside - lucky Mother-in-Law Red.

32w4d We spent some time with a photographer capturing this happy time in our life - maternity photos done!

Cravings? Still loving apples.

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 24 pounds. Which isn't so bad except for that I am terrified that I am going to be gaining a pound a week at this rate and I've still got 7 weeks left!

My how I've grown!

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