Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Blog Rut

As some of you very diligent readers may have noticed, I am in a bit of a blog rut

I'm simply finding myself out of things to say, and all that I have to talk about relates to pregnancy and Baby M and I'm reluctant to let this blog turn into a complete pregnancy gab-fest.  Though it might be better than letting it turn into a non-active blog, I suppose!
I don't want to stop blogging, I love sharing my thoughts here and being able to look back over the years.  I will continue to blog, but it may not be as regular as it has been in the past.  Or perhaps I will feel overwhelmed with inspiration again, and I will get back to posting like my life depends on it.  Only time will tell.
Are there any topics you'd like to read about on Stress Case?  If so, please do tell!  Maybe you'll inspire me to blog more often, I might just be missing your great idea!


PinkSparkle And Lace said...

Hang in there Casey! I think everyone goes thru it... I am too and I'm home doing nothing but recovering. Seems like I should be inspired but NOPE.
It's kind of a funny thing because normally I don't shut up. Enjoy the end of cooking that baby. Maybe write a private diary just for this time and give it as a gift in later years.

Kate said...

Recipes! And also "What I wore Wednesday!".... Pregnancy Style.

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