Friday, June 10, 2011

Boob Tube Babble: GLEEK in Training

I'm linking up again with Neely and Meg for Boob Tube Babble this week!

Boob Tube Babble

The past two weeks, I have gotten into a show that I never really understood the obsession with before.

So, I know I'm like totally behind the times here, but I am definitely now a Gleek-in-Training.  I watched the entire first season (both parts) in less than 3 days.  While working, and supposedly staying productive.

Sister Singer and Gardening Mom are both avid fans, along with Best Friend Fashionista - they all even went to "Glee Live!" last month!  (Don't know if I will get to that level, but you never can tell.)

Lets talk about some things about the first season:
  • Rachel is pretty hot when she doesn't dress like a 5th grader.
  • Why would Mercedes think it is the right thing to do to keep Quinn and Puck's dirty little secret from Finn?
  • Mr. Shu is so gangsta when he sings.
  • Coach Sylvester is totally hilarious!
  • Also, how sweet is her relationship with her sister?
  • Quinn is a beeyotch, and I am not a fan.
I've seen a few more recent episodes (due to Sister and Mom's obsession), and I have to say the show is certainly more polished now, and I like Santana and Britney's characters, which are hardly even addressed in Season 1!

I was totally bummed when I finished Season 1 on instant-watch Netflix and realized Season 2 isn't on there!  And the entire Season 2 seems to be no where online - anyone have any suggestions on where to watch?

Are you a Gleek?  Who's your favorite character?

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andrea n. townsend said...

I loooooove Glee! Although I've got to admit, the first season was definitely better than the second (that's not to say it's not good and you shouldn't watch!). And don't worry -- Quinn is kind of a bitch, but you just might grow to love her.

Just stopping by from Joelle's Happy Hour! :)

Holly said...

I'm a HUGE Gleek! I agree with Andrea, though...the first season was the best but I think the music is getting better. I was in show choir in high school so it reminds me of that :) Happy Friday!

Design It Chic said...

The first season was the best but technically the popular it becomes the better it should get, right? So staying tuned:) I am now following you thanks to Social Parade and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday, where you can meet lots of friends and have a great time:) See you there!
Happy Friday

Joelle said...

Oh my gosh I love Glee! My friends and I even have "Family night" on Tuesdays where they come over and we all watch it together! The second season was okay, but the first was a lot better. And I definitely went and saw the Glee concert last year...totally worth it!

Thanks for linking up today my dear!


tara said...

I'm a total gleek! I just love Blaine and The Warblers!

PinkSparkle And Lace said...

Yeah, I'm totally into Glee too, if I have to admit it.

Meagan said...

Thanks for linking up! Glee is the best!!!

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