Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful for Best Friend Cute Apartment!

She has been gracious enough to let me use her apartment for a super top secret project I am currently working on (will be revealed soon, promise!), and her kindness and eagerness to help is always so appreciated.

Cute Apartment and I have been friends for almost five years now (THAT makes me feel old - we became friends just months after I graduated high school), and it has been a friendship I am so eternally grateful for.  We've had our ups and downs (like all friends do), but I couldn't be happier that we are where we are in our lives right now and that we have one another.

Cute Apartment is always there with an ear to vent to or a shoulder to cry on, and she will do anything she can to help a friend.  She is by far the most creative and artistically talented person I know - she even helped to design my save-the-dates and wedding invitations for my wedding this year, and designed the adorable invitations for my bridal shower.  Cute Apartment is also super fun to party with (girl can be a mean beer pong partner), and keeps me laughing non-stop!

Best Friend Cute Apartment is actually graduating (with her second degree - what what!) this Friday, and I am so glad I'll be sitting in the audience cheering her on!  One more post to come later this week in honor of her graduation - such an accomplishment.

Cute Apartment and I circa Summer of 2008.
"A brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond"

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