Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things Thursday: Things I Would Like To Be Doing Right Now

1. Lying on a beach in a fun tropical destination.

2. Eating pizza (I have been having insane pizza cravings lately - but holding out until Lil C's birthday party on Saturday!).

3. Shopping for cute summer dresses and fun sandals.

4. Taking a nap.

5. Working a fun super top-secret project for our upcoming Arizona trip!

6. Swimming - I can't even remember the last time I was in a pool.

7. Floating around in the river in an innertube - which I will be doing in just over one week from today!  Arizona cannot come sooner!

Or this could work - you'd never lose it down the river!

8. Taking a bath in this bathtub:

9. Laughing with Handsome Husband.

10. Drinking a glass bottle of wine with Nurse Sarcasm.


Sarah said...

i agree with all of those! im in class right now, so any of those things, of course, sound better than learning...haha. especially that bottle of wine ;) lol

Eschelle said...

wow i'm adding that bathtub to my bucket list!

Shellsea said...

That bathtub is awesome! Hope you got a few slices at Little C's birthday!

Charis said...

My fav is shopping for summer dresses..wish I could be doing that now too..

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