Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Lovin' Life

I am linking up with It's a Crafty Life for Ten on Tuesday this week in honor of Best Friend Cute Apartment's impending graduation (she walks in 3 days!).


Best Friend Cute Apartment and I managed to create this tradition of a certain pose we do when we take photos together and somehow it got nicknamed "lovin' life" - perfect name for us, because (especially when we're together) we are two fun-loving girls!

And so, as a graduation present of sorts (who doesn't want 10 photos of them making smooch faces on the internet for graduation?), I present to you...the top 10 photos of Cute Apartment and I lovin' life!

1. Lovin' life at the second anniversary of my 21st birthday - March 2011

2. Lovin' life at a MasqueRAGE party - July 2008

3. Lovin' life at a Thanksgiving-Themed Party - November 2009

4. Lovin' life in 80s attire - May 2008

5. Lovin' life in Palms Spring for my bachelorette party - January 2011

6. Lovin' life at the beautiful bridal shower she hosted for me - January 2011

7. Lovin' life with awesome shades - June 2008

8. Lovin' life at my wedding - February 2011

9. Lovin' life in Seattle, where Cute Apartment is from! - August 2007

and last, but certainly not least...

10. The original lovin' life picture...the one that started it all...
Lovin' life at Cute Apartment's 21st Birthday! September 2006

Happy Graduation, Cute Apartment!  We will be lovin' life during the ceremony, and even more so when we get cocktails later that night!

PS. Am I the only one who does it - has designated "must-take" photos with different friends?  I totally have one with Best Friend Fashionista, Ms. Does it All, and Swagger is always trying to get me do this strange back-to-back MK&A pose with her?


Holly said...

How adorable! I don't always have "must take" photos, but I do the kissy face quite often with certain friends :) Usually our "must take" photos are just goofy faces!

Samantha-Elizabeth said...

I love this. My friends and my own "must takes" are our "good sides." You know, the crazy stuck out elbow girls do when they put their hands on their hips and turn their head to show their "good side!"

Anonymous said...

You guys are too fun! And I especially love the line, "second anniversary of my 21st birthday". I am sooooo using that line on my next birthday!! :-) Well, with different numbers, unfortunately, ha! Thanks for linking up!

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