Friday, June 3, 2011

Goodbye to May, Hello to Summer!

In May…

Sister Singer totally rocked her part in her school’s musical, “Little Women.”

We celebrated our moms and grandmas over Mother’s Day Weekend.

Family Fun at the Lake.

Handsome Husband started hitting it out of the park when he started playing on the company softball team!

We got together for dinner to wish Ms. Does It All bon voyage on her exciting journey off to Spain!

I got to watch HH play in his old soccer uniform at the alumni game – and we got to see some of our closest friends.

Best Friend Swagger and I joined Gardening Mom and friends for a girls’ trip to Arizona

I took my last final for the Spring 2011 semester – although summer “break” includes 3 online classes.

Twin Unicorn moved home from spending a few years away for college, and we had a super fun BBQ at the lake to celebrate!

Tutor Girl, her sister, and I ran a 5K (my very first ever!) on Memorial Day – so glad we decided to start the C25K training, and that we stuck with it!

Handsome Husband entered “The Redhead Roundup” redhead competition at a local Strawberry Festival – and was completely robbed of the victory (by what we think was a bottle red, at that!).

My little pageant contestant.

I posted my first ever blog GIVEAWAY and link-up - the link-up left much to be desired (shout out to Tutor Girl for participating!), and the giveaway will end this month! 

Bring it on, June.

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