Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week I am grateful that my family loves Handsome Husband.

I tweeted about this yesterday, and have been thinking about it lately.

I am so very grateful that my family loves HH nearly as much (maybe more sometimes) as they love me! It has not always been this way with exes - Hat Dad hasn't really been a fan of any boy I introduced him to until Handsome Husband.  It took my family a little while to warm up, but since they have, it's been all love in this family!

Gardening Mom and HH work for the same company, and love to bore me talk about work all.  the.  time.

Hat Dad and Handsome Husband talk sports, shooting, and other guy stuff that Hat Dad never had a son to talk to about (although I'd like some credit for being pretty into shooting and off-roading for a girly girl).

My sisters and Handsome Husband relationship continues to make me smile constantly.  I just love that they love him.  Sister Swimmer chats with us, and likes to go to eat out with us, and I'm pretty sure Sister Singer texts HH more than she texts me (I might be slightly jealous).

I am so grateful that I found a man that not only do I love and adore, but that my family also began to love and adore.  I truly believe that Handsome Husband was just what our family was missing to make it complete - that is until my sisters get married (which better not be for a long time, little girls!!), and our family gets to grow to perfection again.

Early on in the love affair between HH and the family - Summer 2009

 On our wedding day - February 2011

I have gained a few more followers (thank you!) since I last tried to make Grateful Sundays a link-up party, so I thought I'd take this chance to ask again if anyone would be interested in linking up if I opened Grateful Sundays up.  Would you like a weekly reminder to be grateful for something, even if it's just a quick blog post to honor something (or someone, or some place!) in your life?  Please let me know in the comments if you'd be interested!


Sarah said...

count me in!

FeedYourSoul said...

Isn't that just the greatest? I'm so thankful my family gets along with and loves Bryan too! It just makes every thing that much better. I'm glad you and I are lucky enough to have that!

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