Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Thursday: Things I Love About My Sisters

Today, my "little" sisters turn 17!  I cannot even believe they are almost legal, and will soon be making big huge life decisions for themselves!  In honor of their special day - things I love about my sisters!

1. Being the oldest one and getting to watch them grow up.

Sister Singer, Me, and Sister Swimmer at their 8th grade graduation circa 2008.

2. Sister Swimmer is hilarious, and I think she gets funnier by the day.

4. Sister Swimmer's mean river tubing skills.  

Take a long hard look at this picture, readers, this is the closest you'll get to a picture of me in a bikini on this blog.

5. How they are always there to celebrate with me on my special days.

Sister Singer, Me, and Sister Swimmer celebrating the 1st anniversary of my 21st birthday.

Sister Singer, Me, and Sister Swimmer on my wedding day.

6. Sister Singer's free spirit.

7. Sister Swimmer's dedication and hard-working attitude.

8. The way Sister Singer doesn't care what people think.

9. The amazing relationship they have grown to have with Handsome Husband.

Family Vacation to Ojai - 2010

New siblings on our wedding day!

10. How no matter what happens, what one of us says or does, or where we are - we will always be sisters. 

Sister Singer, Me, and Sister Swimmer at my bridal shower earlier this year

Happy 17th Birthday to the most beautiful 17-year-olds in the world!  You both deserve the best the world has to offer, and I hope you have your best birthday yet.


FeedYourSoul said...

I can't believe they are 17!!!

Sophie said...

Such a sweet post! I wish I had an older sister to say such lovely things about me!

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