Friday, April 12, 2013

5 on Friday v.3

5 Things ...'ll find on my phone

1. Way more photos than one person needs on a mobile device (I'm pushing quadruple digits, here).

2. Text messages dating back to 2012, I love to read ones that make me smile.

3. Candy crush, thanks to Jenna.

4. Instagram (@stresscasey - shameless plug).

5. Super cute icons, thanks to the amazing app, Cocoppa!'ll find on my desk at work

 1. The cutest rhinestone work accessories - pink  tape dispenser, a gift from Gardening Momma, and  a clear rhinestone business card holder was handmade by Sister Swimmer!

2. My favorite mug ever with a sassy Tinkerbell on the front, a souvenir from Disney World.

3. A picture of me and my Handsome Hubs from our wedding day.

4. Lots and lots of paperwork, it's like a visual to do list.

5. A cup full of brightly colored pens, if you can't love a colored pen, what can you love?!'ll find on my kitchen counter

1. My adorable red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, that trips my electricity everytime I use, but I still insist on using it whenever possible.

2. The cutest little candle from Best Friend Fashionista.

Don't get it twisted, that's not dirt.  My counters just need to be re-grouted (is that a thing?).

3. Lots of mail begging to be sorted through.

4. A necessary couple fleurs.

What do ya know - mail and fleurs together!

5. And usually?  Some dirty dishes.  I ain't no dish natzi over here.

This is real life, y'all.


Mommy Mandy said...

I love keeping old texts on my phone!

Adriana said...

I just got sooo bummed cuz I accidently deleted my boyfriends text feed! I delete everyone else but keep his.. sappy. and love glamming up your workspace!

Nicole Cisneros said...

Okay, in the midst of all that cuteness, I can't get over how your counters have perfectly white grout! Mine is hideous and I swear I've tooth brushed cleaned them on multiple occasions. HOW????!

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