Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adventures in Pinterest: Easter Treats

Sometimes I wish I was one of the fabulous bloggers who thought out all their holiday crafts, recipes and decor; made them in advance and took the most gorgeous photos; and then shared their amazing ideas with their readers inspiring them to use their creativity to make their holidays even more special than years past.
But I'm not.
I'm just a girl who likes to ramble, who sometimes make some recipes and crafts and shares them on the blog.  And most of the time, if they're for a holiday?  I'm sharing them after cause I just made them that day.  Such is life.
This Easter, I made two adorbs treats to share with our family.  And shocker of all shocks?  They were both Pinspired.
Colored Easter Deviled Eggs


I sort of love how mine got this random speckled look, though I'm not completely sure how they did.  I'll refer you to the original link for the instructions, but I used about a cup of hot water, combined with about a teaspoon of vinegar and a very small amount of Wilton gel colors.  I do not have liquid food color in my house, and the gel worked just fine.  The only thing I would note that was a bit different than the original link is that I left mine in the colored water for much longer than I thought I would.  Maybe it was because of the gel icing?  Anywho, I left them in the cups of colored water for 3+ minutes each.

And just because I know everyone does it a little differently, my yolk mixture is pretty basic: egg yolk, light mayo, garlic salt, Tapatio, and dijon mustard.  

After the appetizer came a wonderful dinner full of steaks, crab legs, homemade coleslaw, green bean casserole and more!  And after that, came these:
Easter Nest Cupcakes

Shout out to HH for being a hottie hand model! 

I'm gonna keep it real and admit that I used gasp box cake mix, canned frosting and obviously premade candy atop these little cuties, and you know what?  No shame.  These are very basic, and the instructions at the original site are super helpful! 


Summer said...

First off your adorbs! Secondly I so made the pin inspired colored deviled eggs too! I haven't did my post yet lol! For some reason mine turned out a bit darker and not as pastel but they were super adorbs! Our Kelcee lived them! I do live the speckled look of yours super cute! What a great treat idea! The cupcake nest with speckled eggs I am so stealing this for next year lol! I am assuming your hubs was the hand model lol! My hubs is always like I bet this picture is for the blog ha! Love your cute treats and hope you had a fabulous Easter!

Anonymous said...

They're so cute! I was expecting huge pinterest fails based on how you set up this post... but absolutely not! Both dishes look awesome! :D

Jill said...

Both your things turned out gorgeous! I love your cupcakes...the icing looks nice :) I SO could have written your first paragraph, about wishing I were on of those bloggers who planned well in advance, did my craft and DIYs well, but yeah that rarely happens..ha!

Katie said...

your icing looks like perfection on those cupcakes!! I need one in my life ASAP :) thank you for linking up girl!

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