Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring & Summer TV

Once upon a time, the good TV was only on in the Fall and in the Spring and Summer we were destined to find entertainment from reruns and movies on the 200s (what I used to call the movie channels as a kid, now they are like 1200s).

That is so not the case anymore!  There is so much fabulous Spring & Summer TV out there, it's nearly as exciting for you couch surfers like myself as Fall is!

Take a looksie at my favorites coming (or just recently premiered) to a TV near you!

The Voice
Premiered March 25th

Real Housewives of Orange County
Premiered April 1st
Mad Men
Premiered April 7th

Nurse Jackie
Premiers April 14th

Big Brother
Premiers June 26th

Premiers June 30th

Breaking Bad
Premiers July 14th

I mean, seriously?  It would be a good summer even if I never hit the road for a vacay or saw the ocean solely based on the quality television about to enter my living room.

And hey, no judgement on Real Housewives - OC girls are the first ladies of Bravo!

What shows do you watch during the Spring and Summer?


Julie said...

I don't have cable but I'm patiently waiting for Hulu to allow me to watch the first two episodes of RHOC but they are apparently locked, which is new. However I love Big Brother and I'm really getting into The Voice. Oh and don't forget Bachelorette will start soon :)

Breanna said...

The Voice & Big Brother are my favorite Spring/Summer shows. :)

tara said...

love love love the voice!

Hilary said...

Love RHOBC! Heather's my fav. I also love The Client List, Armywives, and Body of Proof.

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