Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Do a Baseball Game Right

I've lived in Southern California all my life (about 23 years of them in Orange County, within 30 minutes of Angels Stadium), but until recently, I had never been to a night Angels game.  I know I know, it's like never going to Disneyland (which, you know, I never do) - just another thing to take for granted.

Now don't get me wrong, I had been to a few daytime ballgames, and good God, I did not see why people enjoyed them.  It's hot as hell, and a baseball game lasts forever while I start to die of boredom in the blistering sun.

But all of that changed last month when I learned how to do a baseball game right.

It all started when Handsome Husband's law school buddy and huge Angels fan, Sports Lawyer, invited us to a baseball game.  HH told me we would be sitting in Diamond Club seats, and as I'm sure he expected, anything with Diamond in the name is alright by me.

The seats directly behind home plate...that's The Diamond Club seating.

I was excited to see the Angels play at night, and as always, spend time with these new friends of ours that have been so incredibly kind and friendly as we've gotten to know them over the past year of so.

Now that I have learned the best (and in my opinion now, only) way to do a baseball game, I'm sharing that knowledge with you.  Now get our your credit cards, and get to a ballgame!

1. Attend games only with Sports Lawyer, or people who have a passion for the team you're watching play or sport in general.  They do things big, and those are the people you want surrounding you. 

2. Park in the very front spots.  I am a lazy biz, so you'll imagine my excitement when I realized that we were parking practically on the damn field. 

3. Eat at the buffet at The Diamond Club Restaurant before the game. 

The patio of The Diamond Club Restaurant, where we sat while eating our dinner, and also stayed for the entirety of the game.  Hard to want to go sit in your folding baseball stadium seat when you've got a whole table to spread your shit out on with a fabulous server coming every 15 minutes to make sure you've got all you need.
4. Don't be one of those people who cannot look away from the game.  Even Sports Lawyer, who loves it, can enojy a simaltaneous conversation.  My personal opinion on sporting events is that the memories you make with the friends you attend with will be much longer lasting than the game in front of you.
5. Take your time indulging in the buffet (we're talking 5-6 trips over a few hours, people), and make sure to wash your food down with some cheap beer.  (Okay, the cheap beer thing is just me, most of our party actually ordered good beer, but nothing beats BL for me!)
6. Top off your fantastic meal with some super fabulous desserts to share.  Bonus points if you can order a dessert that makes your husband this excited.

7. Document your view, and make sure to share on Insta.

I mean, right?

8. Happen to catch the most hilarious dance-off between two spectators that you've ever seen!  I truly wish I would have thought to record the moment, because no words could do it justice.

9. Thank Sports Lawyer and his very generous parents in person, and with a blog post to seal the deal.  Thank you, A Family, for the wonderful evening - you are a family full of generous, kind and inclusive people and we are so happy to have met you! 

And that, my friends, is how you do a baseball game right.


Casey said...

Dropping by from the BlogLovin' link-up. I love your name ;-)

Casey xx

Adriana said...

You just sold me on baseball games. My guy is a huge Red Sox fan adn we've been to a bunch of games but I normally just complain and take selfies. THIS is the way to do it tho!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

That's the way to do it!!!

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Julie said... a Pujols fan? ;)

Casey said...

That's the way to do it! The closest I ever got to something like that was a friend of mine in high school invited me to sit in the box seats fora Ricky Martin concert. Shake your bon bon!

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