Friday, April 19, 2013

Retro Facebook

This post was completely and utterly inspired by the greatness that was Alison's post about old Facebook profile pictures.

Looking through your old Facebook profile photos is a humbling thing.  It really reminds you of how young and dumb you were.  Why did I think a photo of myself with a girlfriend grabbing a boob and my tongue sticking out was remotely appropriate? 

But while humbling, it is also hilarious, and after Allison shared with us, I was inspired to share with you - a walk down Facebook Memory Lane.

2007: 19 profile pictures
I joined Facebook days before the end of 2006, so moving along.
Most prof pics (what Best Friend Fashionista called them at the time calls them) included a sidekick of Fashionista or Swagger.  I even had one with a former high school teacher! #nerdalert
Swagger is going to kill me for this.
I was also very intent on showing my FB pals how much oh-my-gosh-crazy-cool underage drinking I was doing, as my photos were littered with red cups.
And yes, I'm smoking in that lower right photo.  Tsk Tsk I know - don't worry, I quit over three years ago!

2008: 15 profile pictures
This was the year I started dating my Handsome Husband, so there were lots of couple photos popping up this year.
Before HH became my permanent profile photo prop, I had a couple other trends in 2008:
I had a photo shoot done with some Ex-Douchebag Boyfriend's car, and really wanted people to see how great of a model I was.
I also made sure everyone got a good look at my signature pose with Best Friend Fashionista.

And again, with the red cups!
And one of my favorite pictures, made my profile picture a whopping three days before HH and I called it official:
Taken on the Arizona trip where we had our first kiss.
2009: 18 profile pictures
I got engaged in 2009, so you better believe I told the Facebook world by uploading a photo of my bling!
I turned 21 in 2009 also, and made sure everyone knew it with the obligatory taking a shot on your 21st birthday photo.

Bling bling after getting engaged on April 4th!

Apparently HH and I did a lot of dancing after getting engaged - celebrating the best way we knew how!
We also had our first set of engagement photos taken in 2009 (we had three, don't judge, we were engaged for almost two years AND I won these for FREE!).
2010: 24 profile pictures
This year wins for the most profile pictures in one year!  Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
For me, apparently 2010 was the year of the childhood FB profile pic.

My sweet HH (just my fiance at the time!) graduated college, and everyone needed to know how cool THAT was!
I also graduated nursing school in 2010, and loved this photo of Nurse Sarcasm and I taking the Nightingale Pledge.

2011: 23 profile pictures
We got married in 2011, what kind of photo do you think dominated this year?
2012: 11 profile pictures
The amount of profile pictures dropped way down in 2012, am I (gasp) growing out of FB?
I had to have a throwback photo (pre #tbt) on our anniversary to our wedding day.
We headed to Disneyworld in 2012, and of course I had to show off how much fun we had.

And I ended the year off with celebrating hosting my first-ever Christmas Eve Dinner, like a regular ole housewife.
And by the looks of it, I finally upgraded my everpresent red cup.
And for kicks?
My Current Facebook Profile Picture:
I'm so grown up, y'all.
Turned in my red cups of booze for cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Love all the wedding photos... so pretty! :)

BethanyGrig said...

Found you from the weekend blog hop!

I unfortunately went through the same cycle of profile pictures. The first pictures were horrible!

Have a good weekend!

Shellsea said...

love this post idea and all your pictures

Betty said...

This is a fabulous post idea! I'm definitely going to have to do it myself. Although I have to laugh in I've had as many profile pics the whole time I've been on facebook as you did in 2011...

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