Friday, April 5, 2013

Beach Cruiser

Okay, I say this every time, but this time it really has been way too long since I've linked up with my girl, Tara, for The Nail Files.

I had all these great ideas for spring-y pastel nails, and easter eggs nails, and cutey polka dot nails for Easter and then?  I spent all my time working on my Easter Treats instead, so Easter was spent with naked nails.

To make up for it, I picked one of the brightest colors in my arsenal for some spring cheer.

ORLY Beach Cruiser

This was my first time using ORLY polish, and there were pros and cons:

Pros: Love the handle and the polish dried quite quickly, and can't forget the adorable hot pink color.

Cons: It was both streaky and kind of gummy on the second coat, which was sort of obnoxious for a $7 bottle of nail polish.

If you love this hot pink color, you've got to check out the hot pink and chevron camera strap I'm giving away.  Check it out HERE!


Kali Angeles said...

Hi Casey, thanks for your honest review. I've never used an Orly color and I'm not so sure I want to if its gummy like that. What do you think? Should we chalk it up to a bad bottle?

Have a good weekend :)

Kali Now Living

Jenn Valmonte said...

Oh yeah.. I do find Orly expensive, too.

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Yeah I didn't have much luck with the Orly polish I tried :/

tara said...

love love love that pretty pink!

aka Bailey said...

Ooh, what a striking color! I only a few ORLY polishes, but not this one. I actually just posted a mani on my blog with a really pretty ORLY sky blue colored called Snowcone. (Stopping by from the Nail Files link up!)


Sarah E. said...

I love neon pinks!

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