Monday, April 15, 2013

What HH Has to Say About Me

When one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Becky, posted about her idea to host a link-up where our loved ones would come and share random facts about us, I immediately ran to Handsome Husband to ask if he would write tell him he'd be writing yet another guest post on the old Stress Case blog.  You can check out other posts HH has written HERE and HERE.  Spoiler alert: he has another one in the works!  Now check out the following rando facts about me from HH (with my comments in bold, y'all know I can't keep completely quiet about this!).

Want to know something random about Stress Case?

She doesn’t like nuts.

get your mind out of the gutter.

She does this thing where she gets really annoyed and upset that she can’t find something (like a certain clothing item, etc.) and yells at me as to its whereabouts without having even actually looked for it yet. After years of experience, I now do not answer her yells. Instead, I pause for a few seconds and listen intently. After about 3-5 seconds, I hear “OH! NEVERMIND! FOUND IT!”  Such a false accusation...I've totally looked for at least 30 seconds before hollering about it!

She likes to come up with fun catch phrases or names that she’ll say for a little while and then never say ever again (like “you little minx!”).

She likes to mess with me while I brush my teeth, presumably because in those 4 minutes (who brushes their teeth for four minutes?), I am helpless and cannot defend myself against her attacks.  My favorite is to spray him with my perfume!

She likes to do funny dances and make up silly songs and then make me repeat that same dance or song OR do the dance or song (sometimes both at the same time) with her. And I, of course, oblige her.  I, too, sometimes do that to her.  It usually starts with one of us doing or saying something ridiculous and then immediately telling the other “yeahhhhh do it!” or “yeahhhhhh say it!!”.

She will only see movies that meet her specific movie criteria. I’ll let her elaborate on what exactly that criteria is.  To name a few Casey-approved categories: Sports Movies, Rom Coms, Based on a True Story...who needs something that doesn't fit into those categories?

She sleeps like a rock. Literally, the woman could sleep through an apocalypse.

When she cooks, she likes to play a game with her self where she tries to see just how many dishes in the kitchen she can possibly use to prepare each meal. Being that I do the dishes, I LOVE that freakin game. There are never too many dishes to wash.  Can't help that I make gourmet dishes and that requires lots of dishes! 

After this recent tax season, she turned into a Libertarian.  I guess HH forgot that I don't talk politics!

She will not, under any circumstances, switch ‘sides of the bed’ with me, ever. Sometimes I want to experience the other side of the bed for just one night but nope. Not. Happening.

Kind of like the teeth-brushing scenario, she likes to wrestle and roughhouse with me literally seconds after I tell her I’m going to sleep.

The best part about all of this is that I think all of these little fun facts about my wife make her a hilarious person to be around at all times.  That’s why I love her (well, at least that’s one of the reasons)!  The sweetest Hubs there ever could be, I'm one lucky weirdo! 


Mommy Mandy said...

You never switch sides of the bed! It's like a rule:) This was so cute!

Karla said...

Hahahahaha.. that second one. I do that ALL THE TIME! I always yell at Scott about the where-abouts of something before I even look. And the brushing the teeth thing... I always tickle Scott while he's brushing his teeth & there isn't very much he can do about it! I love how similar we are! I found myself saying "Yup, yup yup." a lot! =)

Hilary said...

This is funny & my husband and I totally have the opposite relationship when it comes to losing things. Thankfully for him, I can usually tell him where something of his is before he spends too long looking for it.

Corianne said...

Ok, I laughed out loud about losing things... I do that, too! So funny. You and your hubby sound so cute, love a fun relationship! :)

Liz Runningmomma said...

So hilarious! I love his descriptions!!!!

Kelly said...

Too funny! I am the side switching!

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