Friday, January 20, 2012

Boob Tube Babble: The Great January Television Return

Okay, it's been a while but I'm linking up with my girl Neely this week for Boob Tube Babble!
Boob Tube Babble

Talk about a big TV month - the amount of shows that have come back in the past few weeks is cray.

Let's take a look:

I am really ready to know who "A" is already.
(Also I'm about 2 episodes behind so if we've found out, shhh!)

The episode where MerDer get their baby back?  Tears.

Pete is a total tool,
I feel bad for Amelia,
and thank goodness Sam and Addison are done with their ridiculous relationship.
That is all.

YES.  They're back.
(PS. Does anyone else think JWoww has gotten to be like ultra boring?  I watched the marathon for the days leading up to the new season [because of course I did] and she was way more fun in the early Jersey days.)

Okay, so this show maybe could should have ended years ago, but you know?  I love it. 
Love me some Brooke, love me some Naley. 
But let's be real, the first episode was weird as eff.  

The bombshells at the end of the episode?
Made me gasp out load!
So good.

Okay, look, I've had just about enough of this Chuck and Blair (or Chair as I like to call them) are together,
now they're not,
now they are,
(not my first word choice, but we'll go with it).
They belong together.  Enough back and forth already!

What have you been watching?


Victoria said...

sounds like a fun lineup :)

i gave up on greys long ago but i am happy to hear that they had a baby!

Alyssa said...

I was so confused by the first few minutes of OTH. And I am dying to know who is stalking Hayley and why! And is it just me or did Chris Keller get better looking?

Ashley said...

I'm SO glad that Addison & Sam aren't together anymore. I love them both, but don't like them as a couple at all!

Thanks for linking up!

Neely said...

As soon as Silvers boyfriend said the kid was adopted I screamed "ITS ADRIANNAS!!!!!"

Nichole said...

O.M.G to PLL! I caught up with last week's and this week's yesterday and I cannot wait for Monday's again. I'm addicted, lol

Mia Maree said...

I gasped too!!! haha so much drama, love 90210 :-)

Emma said...

I gave up watching Gossip Girl at the beginning of the third season, but ... seriously, they're STILL dragging the Chuck/Blair thing out? (actually just typed Bluck, haha). Dear Lord.

Kodie said...

Thank you for not putting spoilers! Sometimes I read blogs before I get around to watching and I HATE when someone puts a spoiler (and no warning).

90210 was definitely shocking. That show surprisingly gets better and better.

Shellsea said...

I'm loving all the new tv too. My DVD is constantly full again. We'll never find out who "A" is, I'm convinced.

Miranda said...

i love Pretty Little Liars! don't think we find out who A is till the season finale though...don't think it would be as interesting if we found out already (even though i am DYING to know who it is!)

Sarah said...

I need to watch at least ONE episode of Jersey Shore! I feel like I'm missing out on American Television if I don't! And I am in LOVE with Gossip Girl! Happy you are too :)

Heather said...

I'm getting peeved about PLL and GG too. I NEED to know who A is and Chuck and Blair just NEED to be together. How hard is that?!?!

douglasd said...

Why can't chuck and blair just get together for good already?! I have a secret (guilty) habit of watching Say Yes to the Dress!

Carly Ann said...

Nope, don't know who A is yet, but I feel like we must be getting close!
And I do feel like JWOWW has lost a bit of her excitement, but I think it's because she's matured. I still like her :)

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