Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bling Bling Share Your Ring!

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What a wonderful link-up, right?  Who doesn't like looking at bling bling all over the blogworld? 

I wish I had been a bit speedier with my Love Story telling, so I could direct y'all to my proposal story, but alas, I am a slow blogger and have not even shared it yet (let alone my wedding recaps...hello looming one year anniversary!).

But, if you'd like to read Our Love Story, and get all caught up before I finally get around to sharing how I got this gorgeous ring on my finger, please do so!  (It's a good story - promise!)

Find out how we met, what it was like going to high school with HH, how he reappeared in my life after moving to San Diego for college, and how he went from a memory to a best friend in weeks.  Read how I found out he wasn't thinking of me as just a friend, and what he did for me while in Europe.  Most recently, I wrote about Our First Kiss.

But enough words, lets get to the pictures!

My engagement ring and wedding band nestled inside my hubster's aweseome ring.

We got married at a golf course, so this picture is totally fitting.  (PS Shout-out to our fabulous photographer!) 

And one last gratuitous shot I took myself in the cab on the way to our hotel on our honeymoon.  I was so in love with the way those rings looked on my ringer, especially after our 21-month engagement.

My engagement ring is from Robbins Brothers,
and my wedding band was custom made to match by a (fabulous) local jeweler, Nuggets & Carats.

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CMae said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ring bling with not only me, but other fellow bloggers as well!

star said...

Your wedding rings are gorgeous! They look similar to mine!

Kit said...

So pretty!!!

tara said...

LOVE it!!!

Katie {katie lately} said...

pretty pretty pretty!!!

Betty said...

Your rings are beautiful!

Petchie said...

Love your ring!! so pretty!


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