Monday, January 23, 2012

Have We Become Foodies?

Up until recently, if you would have asked me whether I noticed a difference between the steak at TGI Fridays and a fancy steakhouse my answer would have been, "just the price!" (okay, I'm not sure it would have been something that cheesy, but it would have been something along the lines of "no").

But, then, something changed. 

Handsome Husband's generous grandparents took us out to dinner a few months ago to celebrate HH's LSAT score.  And where did they take us?

and we ate:

mouth-watering tender steaks, along with fantastic seafood.

And from then on, we've been a little addicted to fine dining.

Since that dinner just months ago, we've been to the following restaurants (which are about three times the quality [and average entree price-point] of our normal date night stomping grounds):


Unfortunately this little food spree must come to an end, as we are putting all of our efforts (aka monies) into saving for our very first home.

What do you think,
have we become foodies?


Nichole said...

ha, you def have beocme foodies! I will say that I would rather eat at nicer places too BUT it def gets expensive! But I have learned to cook some of these things at home and it is a little more expensive at the grocery for these items but its cheaper than eating out at the nicer places while still eating the good stuff (this past Sat, we ate bacon wrapped filet!)

Betty said...

We went to a place in Florida (now closed - sads!) called Skopolos, and it was fabulous, one of our best dates ever...and it was right along those lines price wise, quality wise, etc. And then, thanks to a gift card, we went to Mortons Steakhouse for our Anniversary in November. that is the best steak I've EVER had. It was worth every dollar! Now, we have planned to go to Morton's every year on our anniversary and are saving up all year...I totally see how it's become an addiction!

Life with the Ellwoods said...

You were tagged:

Lil' Woman said...

A old steakhouse that I used to work at in FL was always in competition with Ruth Chris....never ate there but I heard it was good.

Wiz said...

I never thought I liked steak until I went to Mortons, and now its one of my FAVORITE foods.

Shellsea said...

I say no to being a foodie. I enjoy a good steak, but don't consider myself a foodie. I say you have good taste! Except, Simply Fondue- not the best cuts of meat imo.

Oh, and I love the logo of carnevino. We are definitely going to some steakhouse in Vegas. Save up!

Kara said...

2 steakhouses you NEED to try:

1) The Butcher Shop

2) Donovan's

Unfortunately, they are both in San Diego but since I know you go there every once in a while...TRY THEM. They are both SO amazing!

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