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{Fabulous Valentine's Challenge} Day 1: Loved This Date

Valentine’s Day Challenge 

Hello, ladies!

I am so very excited to kick off this Valentine's Challenge with Amber and Neely today!!  Who's been excited?!  I hope you ladies are ready to link up with us today, and for the next 2 weeks - so grab the button above and lets get to it!

Today's Topic: Loved This Date
The story of your best date ever!
(See all topics and dates HERE.)

My best date ever just so happened to be to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Perfect for this challenge, right?

Valentine's Day 2010 happened to land on a Sunday, which was not going to work for this (at the time) nursing student who would have 6 long hours of nursing courses the next morning.  So my sweet Handsome Husband (who, at the time was only my Fine Fiance) agreed to celebrate with me on Saturday night.  He promised to take care of everything, and that it would be a wonderful celebration of love!

On February 13th, 2010 HH told me to pack an overnight bag and get my booty to the car.  The idea of a night away just the two of us was so exciting, especially considering at the time we lived with two roomates who (while we adored them) really liked to have people over, and really didn't like to wash dishes which really tended to drive me banannas.  A break would be so wonderful, not to mention romantic!

We hopped in the car after I packed my bag with a cute dress for a fancy dinner we'd be having that night, and started driving around sunny San Diego.  We were headed towards downtown and finally arrived at our destination...

The Hyatt Manchester Grand in Downtown San Diego

A beautiful hotel that I had mentioned more than once how much I'd love to stay in.  HH had reserved a gorgeous corner room with awesome views of the city that we called home for a few years.

But that wasn't it.  Handsome Hubs told me to get all dolled up and that we were going to a dinner I wouldn't soon forget. 

And he was right.

That night we headed to Sally's Seafood on the Water for the best dinner I had ever had in my entire life up until that night.  It was a set menu, and the foot was amazing.  It was the first time in both of our lives that we really realized why people pay more for nice dinners - it's worth it.

Because Grandma Beach Bum and some of my long time family friends read this blog, we'll just say the night ended with fabulous dessert and some small talk (right).  But really, the night ended with a young couple, spending way too much than they should have a dinner that they didn't but that made them feel so excited about the love they shared on a holiday built especially for that.  And the revelation that next year's Valentine's Day would be twelve days before our wedding, and seriously, how crazy is that?

Best.  Date.  Ever.

What was YOURS?
Link up and tell us!

Tomorrow's Topic: Love Telling This Bad Date Story
The story of your worst date ever!
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*All photos from The Hyatt website.

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Holly said...

Love, love, love San Diego. And that short black dress is adorable!

The Bases said...

Cute dress and fab hotel! Looks like a great night!

Neely said...

Love hotel dates!

Mrs. Mama said...

Andrew and i LOOOOVE date nights and we always get a hotel for them!!

tara said...

That sounds like an amazing date! :)

Emily Hornburg said...

Hi from Mingle Monday! First - cute link up ideas! Second- cute dress! Third- the really is the best date ever. I LOVE IT! You are so spoiled. ;)

morganegrant said...

Thanks for pop'n over to my blog and becoming my newest follower! Love your blog too! :) What a fun date and your hubby is super cute! ya'll look adorable!

Kara said...

That hotel looks FAB! And you looked adorable as always :)

Cami said...

Visiting from Mingle Monday :)
This post made me smile...TOO CUTE :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Emily said...

Stopping over from the link up & a new follower!

I love that hotel, got to stay there for a work conference a few years ago... What an amazing valentines!

Katy said...

Such a romantic date! I love that little black dress!

Julie said...

You're right, that was a date to remember!

Shellsea said...

Sounds like the best kind of date for sure. The hotel looks amazing and you two are stunning.

Tiffany said...

Wow!! The view from that hotel room is gorgeous! You and your guy are adorable!

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