Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Somtimes and Always: Work Edition

Linking up with Megan again!

Sometimes: I feel overwhelmed by my to-do list.

Always: I feel lucky to have a job that I can enjoy while checking things off the list.

Sometimes: I wish I could dress up in fancy business clothes and go to work.

Always: I remember how much I hated wearing those clothes at old jobs.

Sometimes: I cannot stand the sound of kids crying in the waiting room.

Always: The sound of kids laughing makes up for it.

Sometimes: I wish my job was more procedure-oriented.

Always: I remember how skeeved I got about suctioning, and think "this ain't so bad."

Sometimes: I wonder if I make a difference in my patient's lives.

Always: I know they make a difference in mine, and that's enough for me.


Holly said...

I don't think I could ever be a nurse. I would definitely be freaked out by blood and needles. Although, I suppose I would get over that pretty quickly. :)

Megan said...

Awww, I love these!! Sometimes I wish I got to wear dress clothes to work, too, but then I think...nahhhhh. I love scrubs. Haha!!

Thanks for linking up with me!!

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