Monday, April 30, 2012

The Most Fashioniable City in America

Being that I wear scrubs a good 25% of my week, and yoga pants for another 20% or so, I don't consider myself a fashion expert.  I also don't like to spend more than Forever 21 prices, so I'm no Best Friend Fashionista.

Great with accessories, though.

I love to do some bragging about my home town, or my home county rather.
(Seriously my love for Orange County, California is a little over the top, you'd think I was the damn mayor.)
So, when I saw this little article, and saw where was considered the most fashionable city in the world?
I was proud!

You see that little city listed right there in the #1 spot?
Irvine, California!
Just 15 minutes north of where I call home, and a place I frequented quite a lot when Bestie Fashionista was in college. 
(Is it a coincidence she is named BF Fashionista and spent four years in Irvine going to college?  I don't think so.)

And wouldn't you know it?
California is home to 4 of the top 15 most fashioniable cities in the country!

Not everyone in the state dresses like me, I guess?

If you want to see some of my better fashion choices,
check out some of my


Aimee L said...

Ahhh, glad to see DC {my hometown} is in the top 10!! :)

Courtney M said...

OH boo- Philly is towards the bottom... I think it's bc we care more about our cheesesteaks then our clothes... and probably bc 1/2 of a cheesesteak usually ends up on the clothes :(

PS- I like the Pink rain boots... you're making a statement! haha

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