Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Place in the Sky

Months and months ago I stumbled upon this website for a company called Blue Forest.  Blue Forest makes luxury tree houses.

Say what?

Yes, luxury tree houses.  And these things are amazing.  They really reminded me of something I used to do with Gardening Mom when I was younger, actually. 

One of the local malls here in beautiful Orange County, Fashion Island, has this annual display of these gorgeous luxury playhouses every year around the mall.  Each year they have a few days where you can actually purchase tickets and get to go inside the playhouses, and they are always immaculately decorated and cute as can be!  They have different themes, and I used to love to go with my Mom and talk about which ones were our favorites!

Here are some of my favorites from Blue Forest:
All images from Blue Forest's website.

A Fairytale Castle

Cliffside Lodge


Treehouse Office

Seriously, how much would you have loved having one of these as a kid? 
(And by "as a kid" I mean, I would gladly take one right now, too!)


Annabelle said...

I SO would live in this as my home, not just a playhouse!

Neely said...

As a kid? I want one now!!!!

Kelly said...

Omg I'm so in love with these! I want one now.. Oh please oh please can I win the lottery! First purchase I make is one of these puppies!

Heather said...

Ummmm I want one of those!!!

Melodee said...

I think I could live in one! following you from the blog hop:)

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