Monday, April 23, 2012

Skin So Soft and Babysoft Perfume

Earlier this month, I talked about tunes that take you right back to a certain moment or time in your life.  Today, I'm kind of talking about the same thing.  (Amazing creativity going on here.)

They are just as strong as sounds (maybe more so?), right?  You catch a whiff of a certain cologne and smack! you're back in the moment getting your first kiss from your husband.  Smell a specific brand of sunscreen, and boom! you're immediately transported to that summer you spent 80% of your life at the beach. 

I have two smells that immediately take me back to the summers I spent weeks in Delware visiting family.

Skin So Soft Bath Oil


Babysoft Perfume

Skin So Soft was my preferred method  of insect repellant, because I never could stand a. misquitoes and b. the smell of regular insect repellant.  I always used it right at the end of a shower, and the smell really stays on your body.  I recently bought a new bottle to use just because and it is so overwhelming the way I can remember exactly how I was feeling at the age of twleve, thirteen, fourteen during those summers the moment I unscrew the lid on the oil.

The Babysoft perfume was a gift that I received while on the East Coast one summer, and I adored it.  I got it when I was a big too young to be wearing regular perfume, but this was it for me for a few years.  Loved the sweet soft smell of baby powder.  I would seriously considering wearing this as an adult if I wasn't afraid everyone would just think I smell like babies because I work with them.

What smells immediately bring you back?


Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot about Skin So Soft. That stuff smells like summer in a bottle. My roommate and I spent saturday on our deck, and I broke out the sunscreen for the first time this season and it brought me right back to summers on the gulf coast. it's funny how scents can do that.

Allie said...

I was obsessed with Baby Soft as a kid. To be honest, I still have a small bottle for when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Lourdes Echagarruga said...

I totally LOVED Baby Soft when I was younger!!!!

Love love love

Xo Lourdes

Kara said...

Skin So Soft was always what we used at the river when we were kids, too! :)

Dani said...

We (all my cousins and I) got the Love's Babysoft gift set for christmas one year, right before we went on a car trip to Colorado. Whenever I smell it, it always takes me back to laying on a mattress in the back of our old SUV, giggling with all my cousins.

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