Monday, April 2, 2012

{Why We Blog} Week: Why Becky Blogs

To start off with, let me just say that Casey is the most patient blogger I know. When she emailed me a year ago {kidding, more like a month} about doing a guest post for her on Why I blog, I was more than pleased to reply yes. For two reasons.

One, I think the topic is a great one and I believe that readers enjoy to read why others choose to blog. Especially if the readers aren't blogging.

Two, she gave me a MONTHs {if not more} notice! That rarely happens.

And then it happened. I failed to meet the deadline. And again. And again. And again. Every time I would say I would have it in by, something would come up. Something, you ask? Oh you know... like forgetting I had to work that night, and getting that dreadful call from work... "um, where are ya?!" Ya. That kind of something.

But while my homemade vegetable soup cooks, and my baby girl naps... I have decided to finally sit down and whip this up real fast for her, for you, and for me.

So here we go. Why I blog.

1. To become Rich. Because I fully expect to be able to retire at age 24 {i'm 25} , move to a large home in Florida, and lay by the pool sipping on my BLL and see my beautiful face on the cover of PEOPLE. 

2. To become Famous. If I'm not already.

3. To show off my beautiful life, and talk about how perfect I am. Because I am.

And that my friends is what I like to call myths of blogging. At least for us little bitty we blog to blog bloggers. But I can't tell you how many articles I have read that had those 3 things listed as reasons why people blog. I can't help but wonder who writes those reasons. Obviously, not a blogger.  Because blogging is so much more than just making money, becoming "famous," and talking about ourselves.

For me, blogging has made an amazing impact on my life. It has brought so many positive opportunities for me and my family. I've met some amazing women. In fact, I have a trip planned, a family trip, with another blogger and her family in a couple of weeks. I have been able to make money off of my blog and from it, I have been able to save my family a lot of money on things such as clothes, household items, christmas gifts, etc. It is a passion for me that words just cannot describe. I get a joy out of blogging that I never thought could be possible when I first started. And lastly, it is a permanent record of my life. My family's journey through life. The good. The bad. The happy, the laughs. And not to mention the pictures.

And because of this? I plan to make my blog into a book. Okay who am I kidding here... many books. And what I look forward to the most? Sharing these books and memories with my children and future grandchildren.

And although I may blog for many reasons, I do it for no one else but myself.

And that is all you need to start a blog, love a blog, and keep a blog going. Do it for you.

 Why We Blog Week
Get your posts ready ladies - this Thursday, April 5th is the Why YOU Blog Linkup - come and share your reasons for blogging with us, and make some new bloggy friends while you're at it!


Unpublished Life said...

This is such a great post. I love all your reasons for blogging, so true.

And yes, anyone who blogs for the above 3 reasons, good luck ... blogging to become famous? I can't think of a more difficult way to try and make yourself known, you would be better off going on a reality tv show!

Looking forward to Thursday's link-up

Mrs. Mama said...

thanks for having me love! i have a post scheduled for 6 to send my readers over here :)


Meghan said...

I am loving this series, Casey! Can't wait to check out more bloggers!

Abbey said...

Haha love the myths--I always wonder what people think when I mention my blog. Probably along those lines. (stopping in from Mingle Monday :)

Petchie said...

Great guest post! I love Becky! and I blog for the same reason. I didn't start blogging to make money or to be famous, I just wanted to blog to keep track of my semi-crazy life, and have loved it ever since!


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