Sunday, April 1, 2012

{Why We Blog} Week: Why Courtney Blogs

Hi! I’m Courtney from ‘Tales of Lace & Glitter’and I am just ecstatic to be blogging over here at today. I’m new to the Wide World of Blogging so I’m a ‘Long Time Reader, First Time Writer’ when it comes to guest posts. Big props to Casey for taking a chance on a new comer!

When I told my friends I wanted to start a blog I kinda got mixed reactions: Some gasps of excitement, some gasps of skepticism, a few eye rolls, and a few cheers of adoration. Me being me, I focused more on the positive responses and less on the negative. (Glass Half Full chicky over here!!) So on February 29th I started ‘Tales of Lace & Glitter’.
In honor of Casey’s blogaversary I thought I’d share with you a little bit about how my baby (aka my blog) came to be!

Why I started blogging:
Ever since I could remember I’ve had this running dialogue in my head. Not like the crazy “I hear voices” dialogue but just hearing myself describe situations or scenes that I find myself in.
Sometimes it’s making a smart-ass comment I know is probably inappropriate to say out loud, sometimes it’s simply the debate of which salad dressing  to get, or  it’s just questioning myself about if I should buy that shirt and which pants/shoes I would wear it with. You probably do it too and might not realize you’re doing.

Well, as I approached my 30th birthday the ‘debates’ in my head started to get more and more interesting. I found myself saying “Is this something a 30 year old should wear?” or “Can a 30 year old still drive a Jeep Wrangler?” or “Am I too old to have pink desk accessories?” It was all these questions that materialized into “Tales of Lace & Glitter” I write about this struggle/debate between wanting to be foot-loose fancy free and feeling like I need to be mature. I tend to ire on the side of foot-loose fancy free but every now & then (particularly on Friday nights after a long work week) I let my mature side pop out for a few hours.

I continue to blog for 2 reasons: 1. Cheap Therapy 2. Great Friends.
1. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is to have a rough day or even a great day and sit down at the computer and just verbal dump my thoughts/fears/worries into a blog entry. It’s a great way to organize my thoughts and get my priorities straight. I write as if no one is reading and at the same time hope that everyone is reading! It’s my true unfiltered thoughts dumped almost daily into cyber space.

2. I also can’t tell you how great the friends are that I’ve made through my blog. I’ve met some amazing women who pick me up when I’m feeling down, who make me laugh, who inspire me, and who are just there day after day to be my new circle of friends!

Wanna know more about me? Check out ‘Tales of Lace & Glitter’
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Thanks for reading & I hope to hear from you soon!

 Why We Blog Week

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Emily Meyers said...

Hello! love your blog!! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!
Hope to see you there! Thanks!

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